Eternal Flame x

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I wrote this poem on 9/27/10, when I was really heartbroken about this guy I loved. I used a lot of song lyrics, just because they fit so well with how I was feeling :)

Submitted: June 13, 2011

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Submitted: June 13, 2011



Eternal Flame

I'm on the other side of the glass in another world
watching you live your life
something I foolishly believed I could be a part of
but I was wrong, the dream was just an illusion

You stare right through me like im invisible
nothing more than a stranger
a part of your life that is over and done with
just a fading dream from a fading memory

Gone away are the golden days
just a page in my diary
the memories are following me like a shadow
but I've already suffered the fever of disbelief

You're always on my mind
my first waking thought and my last
and I cry myself to sleep remembering you,
wondering if you remember me too

Flowers fade, the fruits of summer fade
they have their seasons, so do we
but please promise me that sometimes
you will think of me

I think about everything you ever said to me
all the "I love you's" that once mattered
the pretty words that I thought were true
now empty and meaningless

Sparkling angel, I believed
you were my savior in my time of need
blinded by faith I couldn't hear
all the whispers, the warnings so clear

Theres no escape now
no mercy no more
no remorse cause I still remember
the smile when you tore me apart

You took my heart, decieved me right from the start
you showed me dreams, I wish they'd turn into real
you broke a promise and made me realize
it was all just a lie

And now you've moved on and left me behind
like a child's favorite toy he's grown out of
packed away in a box in a dark sunless attic
never given a second thought, forgotten

I look at where we are now
and look back at what we once were
flames to dust, lovers to friends
why do all good things come to an end?

Sparkling angel, I couldn't see
your dark intentions, your feelings for me
fallen angel, tell me why?
What is the reason, the thorn in your eye?

Didn’t you know I loved you?
do you know I still do?
I know it doesn’t matter anymore
I know that you don’t care

But I have no idea why
theres something that keeps pulling me back to you
your love is my drug, a venomous poison killing me slowly
yet I cant seem to stay away

Its all your fault
you made me fall head over feet
without even bothering to catch me
instead, you left me torn and broken on the floor

In all fairness, it was better than leading me on
its nice to know you're better than that
and even though it kills me
I have to let you go

You can take time to live the way you gotta live your life
but when we meet, which im sure we will
all that was then might be there still
so for now, ill let it pass and hold my tongue

But if ever you're lost, you can look and you will find me
time after time
cause ill be waiting for you, here inside my heart
I want to be the one to love you more

Im just a little bit caught in the middle
life is a maze and love is a riddle
an impossible puzzle, but theres one thing I know:
love is not a victory march, it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah

I know that somewhere out there, under this wide open sky
Someone has the single key to my heart
the one person God has prepared for me
and even if it takes a lifetime, ill find him someday

Summer romances are like shooting stars
a spectaular moment of light in the heavens
a fleeting glimpse of eternity
and in a flash, they're gone

Call me crazy but I still believe in destiny
that anything can happen if its supposed to
long lost love can flame up again
just as you once told me: if its meant to be, its meant to be

So I wont go down with this ship, I wont stop believing
you'll hear in my cry the story of waiting, watching, hoping
the eternal hope that never dies in the hearts of those who love deeply
whats meant to be will always find its way

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