My Sister's Hellish Prison

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My name is Magarita. I'm a thirteen years old, and living in my older sister's shadow. I am hated by my parents, but they never tell me... at least not to my face.

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



I wake up and look at my alarm clock groggily as I sit up from a short night of sleep.

6 A.M.

 “Why is today here? Can’t it just be cancelled?” I sigh.

Today, Reader , is the worst day of my entire life. Today is the death anniversary of my older sister, Tatiana. She was my parents’ favorite child, while I, Margarita, was unfavorable and hated. My or OUR parents loved her with a passion that I grew to hate as I got older. I knew from the start that if she ever did something wrong, they would make me into Tatiana #2. But honestly, I never hated Tatiana, what I hated was our parents. They would always buy her new clothes and spoil her to their hearts’ content. Alas, I on the other hand was given Tatiana’s hand-me-downs. On special occasions, Tatiana would ask our parents if they could do something for me. It would usually be at special places like shopping at Forever 21 with no budget, eating at BJ’s, and going to the beach to swim. I liked that she would care for her alien sister like that. She was like my two parents, only caring loving and attentive to me. She was more than a sister to me, she was part of my soul.

Then, that fateful day came. It was all over our small town’s newspaper.


The news struck me like a bullet, right at my heart. Even at the thought of the news being shown to me, makes my tears flow like on that fateful day. My parents blamed me for her death and threatened to disown me if I didn’t apologize. But I didn’t, how can you accuse your twelve year old daughter of the murder of her beloved older sister? Life went on like a living prison, hellish and slow. Now, I’m sixteen, the age of my late older sister. But what does that matter anyway? I lived in the favor of my parents and left my sister in the hellish prison that I “loved”.

I just told you my sister’s story through her eyes. My name is Tatiana and I am sixteen years old. I died August XX, XXXX. I am the key to my sister’s prison. It was my fault.


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