One Last Smile

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Death of a best friend can hurt a lot...


-Blanka… I’m so sorry. I have no idea what to say… Is there anything I can do for you?

A crooked figure of a girl who reminded still for the past half an hour, sitting on the marble stairs, suddenly got up. Her hands were trembling, short spasms of painful sighing were coming out from the bottom of her heart. She carelessly combed tangled black hair with her fingers that resembled spiders’ legs…

For the very first time in her entire life Blanka felt helpless. It took her so far that she was no longer able to define all of the feelings that were whirling inside her soul. Cascades of vivid memories were dashing through the confused mind leaving her with nothing to hold on to.

She wanted to speak up, to say something that’d put an end to this masquerade. She feared that if she cried that first tear, the tears would not stop raining down… Therefore, greedily holding to the handrail of the stairs seemed to be the best idea.

Blanka, you crazy, crazy girl… You HAVE to be happy. We have only one life. One chance to become a fulfilled person, one heart to break and one love to give. There’ll be no other so… Please, please. Will you live? Will you be happy, for me?

Cheerful female voice was rumbling inside her head. Echo of her smile, the last sun rays glittering in her golden hair and soft, blue eyes that reminded of calm stream of crystal clear exotic water.

A prolonged nervous laugh exploded out of her lungs. She just stood there, laughing louder and louder… Now she understood! Of course that was a cruel joke! Caitlin liked to make fun of her all the time. It didn’t matter that April’s Fool day was over a month ago.

She raised her head a little bit facing a tall boy who looked seriously concerned. The worries written all over his mouth made him a lot older than he actually was. He made a undecided move forward, wanting to hug his best friend but passed eventually.

-I’m ok, Jake. I just realized that Caitlin made all of us a joke. Cruel one, I have to admit. But on the other hand it was brilliant, don’t you think? We all bought it. That crushed bus stop, bricks lying all over the field… Even the blood and broken glass looked real. And those black bags for corpses? HAHAHA! You have to admit, it was hilarious. A hilarious story of my father, he does have an imagination, don’t you think?

Blanka couldn’t stop laughing for a while but then she saw tears coming out of Jake’s green eyes. All of his muscles reminded stiff, unable to make any movement other than crying and staring at her.


The tone of his voice was enough. He didn’t have to add anything else. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and murmured:

-I want to go there.

-Darling I don’t think it’s necessary…

-I HAVE TO GO THERE! Don’t you understand? I don’t believe it. I can’t. It’d be against everything we both believed in. Against what Caitlin believed in. I can’t let her go like that, simply can’t.

She felt like her heart just cracked broken in two halves when she felt a warm salty tears under exhausted eyelashes. Jake didn’t object, just surrounded her with an arm and took her to his car. Blackness of the tarmac blurred behind her eyes, becoming united with picturesque fields and forests on the other side of a road. She felt like choking, her knuckles were white like a chalk from clamping… 

Before even parking a car at the side of the road, a picture of completely devastated bus stop come into her vision. She lost control over her emotions, being unable to move, speak or even cry. That was it. Death. 

Submitted: December 12, 2012

© Copyright 2022 lastlullabyy. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

As heartbreaking as it was, I really enjoyed reading this story and I thought it was written very well.

Thu, December 13th, 2012 11:00am

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