Campers Beware

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

As a young boy his life was devastated by one mistake of a drunk driver, taken in by his uncle the small boy takes in even more horrors. Now years later at a camp ground filled with people enjoying the late summer weather horror strikes again. The young boy grew up into a modern day urban legend. Only he's no urban legend to the group of campers he destroys.


The Past 


A bright red SUV swerved in and out of the white and yellow lines on the slick road, the drive’s eyes blurred from the alcohol in his system.  He reached to take another drink and dropped the can to the floor of his vehicle.  “Damn it!”  He swerved reaching down to try and pick it up.  The road rounded a curve, the vehicles tires squealed as the man yanked the wheel to try and stay in his lane.  “Gotcha.”  Just as the man sat up his SUV slammed into the front of an oncoming car.  A car carrying a mother, a father and an eight year old boy.The driver of the SUV slammed hard into the steering wheel, his chest crushing the can he was holding, beer spilling down the front of him.  His body went limp as the vehicle came to a stop.

The car unfortunately was not so lucky.  The mother screamed as the vehicles impacted, the father gripped the steering wheel tightly, his wrists snapping on impact, his head smacking the front of the windshield.  The child in the back was thrown from the car.  He soared through the air and landed in a patch of soft grass not far from the damage.  He had a few bumps and bruises but overall he would walk away from the crash alive, but an orphan.  He awoke just as the man in the SUV wedged open the door, his parents screaming for help as the car ignited and started to burn.  He watched from his spot on the grass as the car was engulfed in flames.  His parents’ screams slowly stopped just as sirens from an ambulance made their way towards them.  The boy watched as the skin from his parents melted from their bodies, blackened and toasted.  The SUV driver sat on the side of the road his face in his hands.  Like the boy he barely had any damage to his body.  His blood alcohol level was way beyond safe for driving.

The boy watched as everything moved around him.  The police coming and lifting him up, silent screams escaped his lips for his parents, he looked at the driver as he was carried past him.  The image forever burned into both their brains.  The boy was loaded into the back of an ambulance and taken to the hospital to be checked over, next of kin was called to start the paperwork.  The SUV driver was loaded into an ambulance as well, he was checked out then loaded into the back of a police cruiser.



Present Day


“So it’s said that a boy was given to his uncle to be looked after once his parents were killed.  The uncle wasn’t the best of men.  He was a men drunk and used to beat the boy on occasions.  One time he was feeling nice and took the boy camping.  The boy was looking forward to it, he had never been and thought it would be fun.  How he was wrong.  So anyway they get to the camp ground and unload everything, they put up the tent and go fishing in the water off their campsite.” A branch cracked from behind the group of campers, they all turned towards the noise.

Laughing it off, Jackson, the leader of the group continued his story. “Back to my tale, so later that night after all the other campers had retired to their tents, music drifted through the air as the campfires cracked around them.  The boy and the uncle, who had been drinking all day, were going to the tent to head to bed.  Once inside the tent the uncle reached over and started touching the boy.  The boy not knowing what to do tried to fight off his uncle.  Unable to keep his uncle away the boy eventually lost the fight.  Long into the night the boys mind went away from the campground.  He was free to enjoy the world with his parents’ right beside him.  It wasn’t until the sun had started to come up that he realized the misery was over and he had fallen asleep.  He got up carefully and moved out of the tent.  He made his way to the water and washed off his entire body.  The rest of the trip went the same way.  Every year the uncle would bring the boy the same campground and would do the same horrible things to him.  Only while they were camping.  For years this went on, the boy eventually grew into a teenager.  The last camping trip together with his uncle; they arrived at the campground and set up everything.  The boy watched as the uncle drank beer after beer.  Knowing how the night would end the boy decided he had had enough of it.  The boy waited until night had fell.  He let his uncle have his fun one final time, once his uncle was done and had passed out beside him the boy snuck outside and grabbed a rock.  He brought it into the tent with him and stood over his uncles’ body.  In disgust of the man who had raised him since he was just a young boy, he leaned down and whispered “Never again.” The boy raised the rock high above his head and brought it down hard against his uncles’ head.  Blow after blow the boy didn’t stop until little chunks of the uncles’ skull broke off.  Pieces of brain matter lay scattered out on the mattress.

The boy stood back up and looked at what he had done, he reached down and picked up a piece of his uncles brain and placed it in his mouth.  He chewed it slowly before walking out of the tent taking nothing but the rock with him.  The boy crossed the water and disappeared into the woods across from the campground, he was never heard from again.”

“That is some bullshit.  I mean I had heard about the car accident but nothing about a campground killer.”  Kortney said as she called his bluff. 

“The story is real.  The campground paid a lot of money to keep it out of the news.”  Luke said bringing a beer can to his lips smiling before taking a long drink.

“So wait I’m not done yet damnit.”  Joe said trying to finish his story.  “They say that he still haunts the campground.  He waits until he sees a group he likes and that’s the one he will sneak into their tent once they go to sleep.By the time anyone notices the bodies he is long gone hidden in the woods…waiting and watching.”

“Urban legend at its finest.”  Brooke said.

A twig snapped from across the water in the woods.  The group turned to look, no one could make out anything.

“I’m thinking it’s time to get over this story and listen to some good tunes.”  Jackson said standing.  The fire was blazing casting shadows on the water.  “Turn up the music and join me in the water?” He asked slipping off his shirt and taking Brooke’s hand.

Brooke smiled eyeing her handsome boyfriend in the light of the fire.  At 6 foot 3 and 200lbs Jackson towered over most of their friends.  He should have played football but decided against it after injuring his shoulder at a young age.  Brooke was tall for her group of friends at 5’7.  She weighed a good 120lbs soaking wet.  They made a cute couple or so all their friends like to say.

She turned up the music and like her boyfriend took off her shirt tossing it on the chair and headed towards the water.  “Ya’ll coming?”  She asked stepping down the small path to the water.

“Be there in a minute.”  Joe said standing.  He wobbled on his feet as he stood and walked to the nearest tree.  “I gotta piss first.”  The tree faced the water, Joe moved so the friends wouldn’t see anything.  He leaned his hand against the tree trunk to help steady himself.

Kortney walked down to the water and joined the couple.  They sat on the rocks making conversation waiting on Joe to join them.  “Where did Jenny and Mitchel go? They’ve been gone for a while now.”

“They went to get more fire wood, but shit that was even before I started telling the stupid story.”

Joe zipped up his pants looking at the tree line from across the water.  He could have sworn he had seen someone standing in the trees just watching them.  “Damn Jackson your dumbass story is sticking with me.”

“Why do you say that?”  Jackson asked smiling.

Joe made his way sloppily into the water almost tripping on a rock.  Kortney held out her arm to steady him.

Joe steadied himself shooing away Kortney’s hand.  “There’s someone looking at us from the woods.”  He pointed to the direction of the darkened figure.

The rest turned to look, Jackson stood up from the water to get a better look.  “I don’t see anything.”  He said stepping closer.

Brooke reached out and touched his arm.

“It’s probably just Jenny and Mitchel coming back.”  Kortney said trying to shake the worry out of her voice.

Joe sat in the water holding his beer above his head until he got settled, “Probably dead and that’s the killer coming for us next.”

They all looked at him, Jackson cracked a smile while Brooke and Kortney didn’t find it so funny.

“Yo Mitchel is that you?”  Jackson yelled across the water.

The figure moved out of sight, the group waited before shrugging it off.  “It was probably just a shadow from a different camp.”  Kortney said moving closer to Joe who reached around her and held her against him.

The group began to talk amongst themselves forgetting the figure they had seen, no longer worried they eventually made their way back up to their campsite.  Brooke and Jackson moved inside the tent while Joe stayed outside by the fire.  Kortney walked to the bathroom to change and get ready for bed.



Kortney opened the first stall and looked inside, the bathroom was surprisingly well lit for a campground.  The toilet was clean too, she noticed as she sat down looking around the stall.  There was no writing on the walls, the floors looked clean and smelled like bleach.  She was finishing up when from under the door of her stall something touched her foot.  She looked down to see red.  ‘Blood, there is blood coming from outside my door?!?’ She thought.

The door to the bathroom creaked open a loud footstep pounding against the floor, Kortney held her breath lifting her feet up off the ground.  A figure moved in front of her door, she noticed the tops of the boots, they were covered in blood.  Kortney covered her mouth with her hand to keep from screaming.

The figure moved away from the door, she heard the bathroom door open and close yet she still held her breath unable to move.  She waited a little longer before moving her feet to the floor.  She took a deep breath in as her hand made its way to the door handle, she shakily unlocked it and peeked out into the bathroom.  Seeing nothing that could harm her or that cause the blood to be at her feet, she started out the door.  Her pace quickened, her hand went for the door, and her eye catching a glimpse in the mirror of a man standing in the stall next to her a body in his arms, blood smeared everywhere.  He looked up to smile a bloody smile at her, she screamed and ran out of the door.  She didn’t stop running until she reached her tent.




“I don’t see anything, no blood, no body…”  Jackson said looking around the bathroom checking both stalls.  He turned to look at the group holding out his arms in a shrug.

Kortney peeked her head inside the door, “That can’t be true.  I swore I seen a man in here!  He was sitting right there in the stall holding a dead body…he was….he was covered in blood.  He smiled at me with pieces of flesh in his teeth!”  She held herself tighter.

Joe leaned against the wall next to her, “Guess he eat fast and cleaned up his mess.”

Kortney shot him a look of disgust as she turned to leave them standing there watching her leave.  Brooke ran after her.

“You’re an ass Joe.”

“I know but that’s why she loves me.”

Kortney opened her tent ready to end the horrible events of the night, she wasn’t crazy she knew what she had seen, yet there was no sign of anything.  Just as she opened her tent a twig snapped behind her, she turned to look her nerves getting the best of her.  Brooke was coming up behind her as she moved the tent door open they both peered into the tent.  Both girls screamed as Jenny and Mitchell jumped out at them laughing.

Jackson and Joe came running up behind them ready for action, only to see the girls already attacking the two in the tent.

“Ya’ll should have seen your faces!”  Mitchell laughed.

“Where the hell have you two been?”  Brooke said looking at the two.

“Well mom we were taking a walk in the woods when all of a sudden we came across a nice comfy spot in the grass and that was when I got some ass.”  Mitchell laughed even harder.

Jackson took Brooke’s hand, “Let’s go to bed babe.  We have a long morning ahead of us.”

“Fine, good night everyone.  We’ll see you in the morning.”

“Good night mom.”  Mitchell howled as he rolled onto his back pulling Jenny back on top of him.  Jenny giggled falling into her place.

Joe and Kortney grabbed their blankets and pillows then headed into the tent with Jackson and Brooke.  They closed the door falling asleep soon after their heads hit the pillow.  


He crept slowly towards the tent.  The voices had stopped and been replaced by heavy breathing and snoring.  Now was his chance.  He moved next to the smaller of the two tents. He had watched as two people hid in the tent earlier.  He grew excited seeing the two in the woods doing what humans do to each other in the grass.  He couldn’t wait to put his hands on those two.  He couldn’t handle the wait, it took everything he had inside him not to get them earlier but with all the noise around he couldn’t do it, he had to wait.  He slowly unzipped the tent, he would make sure he killed the man first, he would be the fighter…they always were. 

He slid inside the tent carefully, neither body stirred. He starred down at the two sleeping people.  He reached out and touched the woman’s face.  He moved over to the man, took out his rope and tied his hands together and then his feet.  The man snored louder.  Once he had the man taken care of he moved back over to the female.  He placed the tape over her mouth and pinned her hands down, he took out his blade and sliced her bikini top off exposing her bare breasts.  The man straddled the woman whose eyes had snapped open at the weight of him.  She tried to wiggle out from underneath him, he held the knife to her neck she stopped moving.  Her eyes darting to her partner then back to the man on top of her.  She closed her eyes as the man on top of her took the knife down her chest, she felt the cold metal of the blade against her skin.

He leaned down towards her ear, “I watched you earlier, now I’ll make you mine just like he did.  But mine will be forever.”  He licked her ear.

Jenny cringed as she felt the wetness of his tongue.  He reached down and cut off her bottoms, she turned her head and looked at Mitchell willing him to wake up.  But he didn’t, not through the whole experience did he even move an inch. The man grabbed her hair and yanked her head against the ground.  She felt the ache behind her eyes.  She felt the man finish, he moved off of her and moved towards Mitchell.

In one swift action the man moved him onto his stomach, Mitchell moved his head to look around a moment of confusion washed over him, he caught Jenny’s gaze and tried to fight, the man moved onto his back placing the knife under his neck cutting just enough to make him stop moving.

“Don’t worry it’ll be over soon.”  The man said before sliding into Mitchell.  Mitchell’s eyes teared, Jenny looked away unable to watch. 

Mitchell was silent not wanting to give the man any pleasure of pain he was feeling.  He diverted his mind to try and think of a way to get out of this.  He wondered if the others had the same fate as himself and Jenny.

The man was right, it was over soon for Mitchell who lay there unable to move, the man tilted his head down towards the ground, placed the edge of the blade at the base of his skull and in one quick motion applied pressure.  Mitchells’ eyes glossed over, he was dead.

Jenny tried to move away but the man grabbed at her pulling her close to him.  He licked her cheeks as his bloody hands moved over her body, he turned her over, he raped her again just as he felt himself get close to his release he slit her neck.  He moved his hands around in her blood before coating himself in it.  Before she died he moved her head to face him, he wanted his crooked bloody smile to be her last memory.  

Submitted: September 11, 2015

© Copyright 2020 Lastwords189. All rights reserved.

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