Catfish: The Untold Story

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Catfish a future story

Submitted: August 27, 2015

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Submitted: August 27, 2015



Follows the true life events of a Catfish extraordinaire. Having made three fake online profiles for himself, this author explains their experience jumping around as a variety of different people, what that was like, and what their life became as a result of it. This true story tells of one person's outcomes from such a daring experiment and how it effected the lives of others.


What you just read, none of it was true.  I mean yes it happened but what it boils down to was that it was all fake.  Everything was made up.  The three men never existed, only in my head.  The females they talked to throughout the 8 years were real.  They had their own lives, own set of friends but they also lived in my reality.  They had no idea that they were talking to someone who wasn’t real.  They believed everything that they were being told as to be true, from their day one until they found out the truth.  Hell to be honest to this day there are a couple of them that have no clue what happened.  They might have heard the rumors by ow but as far as everything coming out for them, that’s something that they’ll never have to experience. 

Everything you just read was a both true and false at the same time.  Everything minus how the girls reacted was made up in my head.  It was my world, my rules, my design, everything they needed and wanted at the time…  After all when it came down to it……



“I’ll be whoever you need me to be.”



Catfish: The untold story.

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