"Rebuil America"

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Life can be rewarding people just stopped giving. God made this would for everyone to gain riches, not just financially but rich in life,love, and health. People evil means live;you just have to look at it the right way.We are family, we are God's children. Blood is thicker than water,divided we fall but together we stand. Love is internal and eternal life.

Submitted: July 03, 2012

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Submitted: July 03, 2012




Ms. Latara & Mr. Charles Hemingway

400 Russellwood Avenue Apt1 #

Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania 15136

(412) 773-5782


May 28, 2012


Mr. President Barack Obama

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20500


Dear Congressional Member:

We would like to express some of our ideas on rebuilding America.


“Rebuild America”

As it stands, our penal system has had a monumental increase over these past decades for both men and women being incarcerated at an alarming rate.  Unfortunately, in the process there are longer sentences being imposed as a result?  As a consequence, the majority of those imprisoned find themselves depleted of life, meaning and purpose, from a lack of contribution or productive utilization of any kind.  “What a waste of natural human resource.”  Since time was always considered money and our present economy has been stricken with financial mis- management, it would be fair to say that the American business model is somewhat broken and is in need of some common-sense in innovative thinking on the basics.  We currently hear and speak of global competition and competitiveness as a nation.  Well, here’s an idea which should be deeply considered. “There should be a “Redemption Work Plan” implemented throughout the nation for those incarcerated!” This will alleviate the system by allowing all inmates to become viable class in society, promoting commercial activity on an unprecedented scale, only seen in equal proportion during the Second World War and America’s output in productivity.

Give inmates a salary to work and earn their way as citizens.  In turn, the burden to family members, state, and local government will become a net win!  The outside support in finances burdening loved ones can be eliminated; inmates can pay for their own expenses, such as, medical, food, child support, and even contribute to the tax base in activity throughout the system. I think inmates should be given a chance to vote, all their rights should not be taken away. In conclusion, a sense of responsibility for crimes and nationhood can be restored.  We have to make the system, work for the system.

“Moral Improprieties”

It is our system that must take its responsibility and complicities in creating some unacceptable characteristics in human behavior of its citizenry.  For instance, due to the lengthy sentences and inhumane deprivation of conjugal interaction between prisoner, both men and women, they are literally and figuratively forced to find natural human comforts and expression in sexual relations with same sex partners. Under different circumstances many prisoners would probably never have considered ever participating in these activities.  According to the Hierarchy of human social need and desires, this function is a very essential aspect of life.  Marriage and other personal forms of relationships should and must be promoted between husband & wife, girlfriend & boyfriend in establishing unity among the opposite sex.Marriage is a unity that equals power.  In regards to the rights of gays and lesbians, this maybe the reason why they’re fighting so hard for these rights. The system must reconsider its role in the outcomes in the quality of lives and psychology of human function.


The rights of women concerning abortion should not and must not be abrogated or abridged in any manner.  Needless to say or speak of the endless consequences that would arise from the interference of circumstances, beliefs, and preferences of a woman in this regard!  It is a woman’s choice alone.  It would be more conducive only to inform women of the pros and cons of situations as an alternative, or offer religious counseling or counseling of their choice.  Prenatal care should be the main focus.  In order to have a strong end in life, you have to have a promising, healthy, strong beginning.  This includes providing the education for parenthood through quality of medical services and nutrition to all women.

Prevention, such as condoms and other forms of contraceptives go hand-in-hand with promoting physical and mental health.  The key in preventing birth defects is through proper nutrition and care.  Evenly important is the mental wellness of women to ensure properly raised children in an attempt to avoid sorted means of child abuse, because our children are the key to the future and the standing of this nation.




We are now trending to a fully integrated society of digital security and surveillance.  This has freed up a tremendous capacity of human resources, like law enforcement, FBI, State, and local police departments.  It’s time that they place more emphasis on protecting its citizens in a more comprehensive way.  Legislators must be more discerning in crafting its laws while at the same time displaying practical tendencies in matters.  We have a problem with fire arms in this country, most of which should not be accessible.  Too many people are trigger happy, irresponsible and quick to resort to their short comings.  Emotionally they are not equipped to handle their reaction to a particular situation.  If guns were not so readily available in our homes intentional and unintentional deaths could be drastically reduced saving lives. Citizens can simply put up a fence and get a security system for their homes. The local authorities can protect our neighborhoods they are trained professionals.  We have organized crime we need organized protection. The Black Panther Party for self-defense can be a subdivision for the local authorities.  Police the police to make sure people receive equal rights and protection. “People evil means live; you just have to look at it the right way”


Our nation was founded and steeped in a history of farming and hard work, in an ethical manner in building relationships of trade and international commerce.  We’ve inherited some of the most renowned, rich soil among nations of the world.  We have a comparable number of experts in this area of agriculture to maintain a qualitative standard of growing food.  I find it quite ironic that we would even think of considering and actually producing artificially modified food products for our own consumption.  Pennsylvania has a large consortium of farmers and farm land in the nation.  Natural food organically grown is best for human consumption and provides the ultimate path to a healthier life.  We are all aware of the research dealing with genetically modified food.  A perfect example is the high fructose corn syrup, which is used in virtually every product today on the market.  It is highly suspected of being one of the major causes of obesity in America and around the world.  In keeping up with what’s good for the people or the common good of the people, we should deter this activity.  We must think about more carefully the local resources available to us and cater to the needs of the people.  People need better choices when it comes to their food supplies.  The sources need to be more affordable and organically grown for better health.  We should unequivocally restate our public policy geared toward a more fit society, at the same time create alternative business models with standards aimed at the obesity issues (healthy fast food restaurant) and create more jobs at the same time.

“Social Security Benefits”

 When it is time to issue social security benefits in accordance to the contract between the people and government, social security benefits should be distributed according to the person or family surname.  The life expectancy can be a determining factor in setting these benefits.  For example, those with the family name Hemingway are expected to live approximately 79yrs of age.  Having the knowledge of this information would be fundamental to the amount of benefits a person receives.  Now, money can be set aside and paid out accordingly.  Those who are retired and wish to go back to work would be helping the social security system. While working, these individuals will not be getting social security plus adding more to their benefits. If the individual can pass the required physical requirements for a particular job, let them work.  This will eventually limit the allotted money dispensed and contain a cash crunch or money crash.  Finally, an investigation can be conducted In the event someone dies before the indicated date as a measure to prevent insurance fraud (hospitals). “We need health care not death care.” Also, if a person is mentally capable of voting while in the hospital, social workers can make sure their vote is submitted. No one should miss out on an opportunity people fought for!

“DNA Testing”

DNA testing should be conducted on everyone “including” all newborns to procure a stable tracking system of families.  No one should be forced to reside with strangers in a foster care system; instead, a family member of good background should have priority.  DNA testing can be used to bring lost children home. We can’t give up on the missing children, we must maintain living hope.  Events occur in life we don’t expect and a better backup plan must be established.  DNA Testing would be beneficial in locating family members that are unaware of monetary assets and property held by the state as unclaimed assets.  As opposed to these assets being idol in the state’s coffers, these assets would be more helpful to the appropriate families in rebuilding lives and reducing the burden on the state.  Hire a complete department to locate these families. Also, the Welfare Department keeps track of the assets of families’ accounts, property, and family members this government agency can assist in this process.  This is the importance of conducting a DNA record data base for everyone! We have to make the system work for the system.



“Invent to win”

Sometimes we can find treasures if we look closer in one’s own back yard.  The government patent office has inventions literally just collecting dust which can be actually creating jobs, wealth, and help in rebuilding America.  Most inventors just want to collect the royalties, while others want to start a business.  The government can obtain these patent rights and pay the royalties to the inventors.  In turn, the inventions become government property, which can be used to build a manufacturing and production base headquarters, an Invention Home. Today one has to be creative to stay ahead of any and all competitors.  Other countries are stealing from United States backyard (angel investors) are offering venture capital to inventors in the U.S.A. We want to keep businesses here in the United States, to keep our citizens and veterans employed.


Education has turned into a complete business with only one aim and focus, total extraction of wealth and indebtedness of those who strive to make a better living.  I thought that the benefit to the nation was to make an education free!  People end up with very pricy degrees and unforgiving debt which follows them until death.  Sometimes, at the end of the day, all one really needs is some common sense, a state of purpose, personal qualities, experience, and a grasp of the big picture.  We should start to utilize all aspects of personal qualities for worth in society to accomplish the goals of a nation as one.  We all possess some sort of skill that can assist in rebuilding America!  Let’s focus more on the art of learning to our kids.  Get them away from the computer games and reintroduce them to reading, writing and balanced practical comprehension.  We need to bring back the book mobile, help the children to pick up a book instead of a gun.  Likewise, a healthy active body, as well as their mental capacity is necessary to give these kids and the nation a great start.  Let’s reincorporate the fundamentals of what education is and means!



Pittsburgh was once voted the number 1# city back in 1985; let’s make is number one again.  Make every city in each state number one, use the resources and or product or services that made each state popular, amplify it.  Sometimes we have to go back into the past to fix the future also, add something new. Divided we fall but together we will stand! “God made us different so we can make a difference.”



Latara Hemingway









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