Late Bloomer's Travel Chronicles, Part II

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This is a sequel, inspired by my love for music, and wordplay to create a spontaneous series of events that generate humor and popular culture awareness. It gives me pleasure to share my creativity and hope you will be highly entertained!

Disclaimer: The stories feature characters and fictional events that may bear striking similarity to real life individuals.

Submitted: October 18, 2008

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Submitted: October 18, 2008



7.30 am.

Luda and I had Breakfast at Tiffany's and I loved the whole ambiance of the place especially the Deep Blue Something fake leather seats on which I cushioned my tush on as i heartily attacked the food.I was knackered to say the least but on the way back to the hotel, Luda had a mad craving for a Milkshake and suggested that we hit Kelis' Milk Bar. Inwardly I knew it was his last attempt at getting a 'quick-fix' hook up as he had been devastatingly unsuccessful the previous night.And it was local common knowledge that at Kelis' you could get more than your fair share of milkshake. Infact it came in an impressive range of containers if you catch my drift!

So I did not object as I too needed some Sugar Coated Iced Tea to numb the nauseous beckonings of a hangover.Anyway, sure as day, Luda managed to secure himself a 'date' as I saw a Brazillian looking mamasita with a lovely tan gesturing to him to "Call her sometime,Infact, anytime!" I knew she wouldn't last a night in his little black book...

So back at the 5star Hotel where T.I. and a host of other hiphop artists were staying, we got the Blue Carpet Treatment .Our room was next door to Snoop Dog's. He is definitely one lanky dude, more so in real life but after talking to him I realised that he is actually a cool fella.

9:00 a.m.

First things first. I decided to have a bubble bath before Luda had the slightest notion of de-consecrating the bath tub...I locked the door behind me for good measure as he blacked out on his own single king-sized bed.
Ah! This was the life indeed! All I wanted I got at the snap of my fingers. "Pass the Courvoisier ", and am sure the Busta Rhymes look-a-like of a waiter would have licked my toes if I demanded it!

3.00 p.m.

After a couple of hours of a much needed beauty sleep, I was awoken by Luda who had somehow locked himself out of our room. I was sure he had been chasing the housekeeper's up and down the hotel coridoors when that happened. I knew him so well.

Anyway, tonight we had major plans to hit the A town for the second night and this time we had Omarion and 50cent as part of our

I was so infatuated by Omarion but he always seemed to have this long-legged super fly lass on tow. However, this did not deter me.In any case I was even more reeled in by the fact that he "kept high standards" in the women he dated. Inwardly I longed for him to whisper to me, "She is fine too, but I want you..."
I would be totally smitten!

I was day-dreaming about Omarion's chiselled out torso when my gal Mary J Blige hollered at my cell and asked,
"What's the 411?"Apparently B(Beyonce) was unleashing her new debut album B'day at a cool new joint up town and 'everyone' was gonna be there.

The words of the song Dilemma by Kelly Rowland and Nelly were chimming in the background as I was now faced with my own little dilemma, but after weighing the odds I decided to go for the better option which was hanging out with my secret crush ,Omarion! Plus I wasn't particularly keen to watch B's writhing and high-pitched performances .What I needed tonight was some T.L.C.So after much unheeded coaxing from Mary J Blige, she gave up and jokingly told me that I'm Going Down for dissing her tonight. But the thought of hooking up with Omarion was a high by itself!

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