Chicago Princess Island's Destruction

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
I once dated a girl from Chicago I swore she was my princess. She was really the death of me. But this is the story of how we ended.

Submitted: October 27, 2015

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Submitted: October 27, 2015



How dare you scream at me

How dare I lose my voice screaming back

My love ran dry and all I can do now is cry sit alone in my room and scream at the lifeless walls

But at least they hear me

Unlike the ears of the heartless bitch that took my heart

Never have I thought that I would be like this

Yelling at you

But this is what the broken glass of a relationship we have is coming to

We used to look beautiful like a tropical resort

But it was only a matter of time until all of the Volcanoes around us melted us down

These monsters that killed what we had we had given names long before we ended

First was our favorite to visit

We used to sit at the top and talk about the view for hours

Mt. Distance we called it. 

The 800 miles between us and the fights it brought bubbled deep beneath the surface


I swore it was safe. 
But I always thought it would be the most deadly
Not even close


The next was a smaller mountain

A slippery climb with many paths we got lost on

But we always found the true way

We called this one Mt. Lies

With each time we would leave out details or mislead each other more lava would build

I swore it was safe. 
But I always thought it would be the most deadly.
Not even close.

This one was the least fun to climb

I was on a tough path up to the top

It had many falls and big rocks to climb

No where for me to take a break

You had a walking path

You could break for lunch to look at nature

I would climb night and day

You slept like a baby after your break for dinner

We called this Mt.  Breakups

I swore it was safe. 
But I always thought it would be the most deadly.
Not even close.


The last was one that I didn't know I was climbing

I thought I was just climbing Mt. Breakup
But you had taken a break that had a different motive

You saw a climber at the bottom of the mountain

You took him up your walking trail

While I was climbing the toughest parts of Mt. Breakup

You took him to a secret path to a place I've never seen

That night you took him to Mt. Lust

I heard the news after the break


You swore it was safe. 
But I now thought it would be the most deadly
I was right.

I fell down the mountain and ran up your path to show you the beauty we had left.

But as I turned around to show you every mountain erupted and burned every inch of what we had.

I turned to you swearing we could rebuild

We did it once we could do it again

But you were already sailing away

I sat and watched as you did feeling the burning reach my back

I visit the island sometimes now

I climb the mountains again without you on the other side to see how it felt

And realize that you caused all my pain

This is a final goodbye to the island

So long, Chicago Princess Island. 

© Copyright 2020 Late Night Inspiration . All rights reserved.

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