Drug Monster

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A poem of a man whom of which I owe my life, but whom I also loath entirely.

Submitted: March 06, 2008

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Submitted: March 06, 2008



This man here,
Laying before you,
Curled in a ball arm outreached,
Towards that last line...
That last bit of powder...
As if it could help…
As if it could make the ones he betray feel pity.
Pity for the pathetic man soaking there,
In his own vomit, feces, and blood.
It makes me sick!
Disgusting vile stupid, stupid man!
He lived only telling lies,
Foolishly staying on the path,
He chose long ago.
Oh, I had a heart attack?
I’ll stop eating the greasy food I eat…
But I’ll keep the real problem.
Stupid, stupid, STUPID!
I can’t feel pity for a man,
A man so selfishly being a monster.
A monster gave way to another monster.
A logical robot like child monster,
Eating all her emotions making her suffer,
Squirming in agony and frustration trying to grow happiness,
Screaming in pain trying to replant pleasure…
Drugs made a man a monster.
That monster made his child have monster like qualities.
What begins the chain of events for others?
Is it this same drug?
It must be, or something similar.
Or maybe everyone can be monster…
It just takes a little bit of “magic” to transform the human…
Into the beast.

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