Drunken Times

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Inspired from a party, at a place.

Submitted: March 06, 2008

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Submitted: March 06, 2008



Oh slowly I creep in drunken haze,
the rivers run red with wine
and the fire rages on
as the beats they grow louder
and thicker
and sweeter
la da da de da
ohhh love for I see...
sweaty peoples with liquor
coursing through their veins
they dance
and they twist
seducing my wits
and oh how we watch the wicked dance
and they sway their hips...
the muscles finely chiseled
and in the background flame engulfs the night's breath
collisions of love
and of lust
and of light
I swear my heart beats quicker
then they rabbits feet run
oh dear my lovely
I can't help myself
my eyes are so fixed
the rum makes my cheeks glow red,
I must drag myself away from...
"Enchantez moi mademoiselle, jeu pour moi"
The drum that I beat
now makes me stay fixed
as the smoke burns my sight
but onwards my fists
they dance
and they sway
oh lord
my hands are numb
I can get up
and wander away for the rum no longer has rule
but here comes a boy,
a friend,
and a sip gets me back on the tune
so into the water's cool
and on through antics
and more drums
and fire
and fights
and lights
and music
and noise
and love
and lust
and my dear I shall have never thought
I should fall victim to sleep's hold
on this night
but I did
and snuggled between them
a rapt loud voice wakes me from the grave
at the dawns light.

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