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Dear me, my boredom spawns small bits of poetic language from my mouth a little too often... I had forgotten about these even...

Submitted: March 06, 2008

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Submitted: March 06, 2008



I am a writer of the beginning of things. Writing the end of things is not the way because everything works itself out.

I am a dreamer of days into nights. The fog that surrounds her mind is mysterious and entrancing. Inhale. Think. Exhale.

I am a painter of truth and lies. Things are real on canvas, yet they're not. Colors and shapes collide and splash into play.

I am a photographer of beauty. The grasses swaying in the breeze, the trees whispering, the flowers soaking up sun, the people breathing in the intoxicants of nature's tranquility.

I am a drawer of the beyond. I transform the real world into the other side. A dimensions unknown... expect to me.

I am an aficionado of horror. Scream in terror. The blood is thick and warm, the lights are out, and you are not going to see morning.

I am an enthusiast of zombies. Human flesh on a platter, the apocalypse of a revolution.

I am a speaker of clarity. The politicians pose no threat to me nor do those lawyers with their large vocabulary. They're not so special.

I am a revolutionary of peace. I wish we'll come to an understanding amongst one another and stop the macabre drama of the art of war.

I am a romantic of failure. I am lost in the sea of hopeless love. What is it really? Who can say?

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