Lover's Spat

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A brutal poem written in the angst of "heartbreak" a long time ago.

Submitted: March 06, 2008

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Submitted: March 06, 2008



I. Dawn

I was waiting for a glimmer of light to shine on us,
And glue us together...
Because the heat was so great,
That it just seemed right for it to.
But it never happened,
We stayed in the dark,
Broke in half,
Like ice submerged into warm waters
And we have drifted so far apart,
Like glaciers over millennias.
So even if the sun were to melt us…
Our liquids…
Will never touch.
But you got away with nothing,
And I got away with a piece of your heart.
So you will always be with me,
And I never truly free of you.
You will however be free of mind…
Free of me.
Because you never cared enough to think deeper,
To consider actually grasping on to me,
Even one small portion of me…
I guess,
The reason why you didn’t was
That I never deserved you anyways…
But it’s ok now,
Even when I see you gripping her hand,
Gripping so tightly as if she is your last resort,
Your last chance at the love you so desire,
And she doesn’t seem to be the answer you’d hoped for.
So even when I do see such scenes I am strong,
Because your in misery
I am free.
Oh, so free.
Joyous with the thought that even though you haunt me,
And I do not haunt you,
That you suffer because what I forgot is that we both shared a bond,
And you are haunted by that.


II. Freedom unto Death We Stay Together

I got away with a piece of you your heart,
And I’ve destroyed it.
So I am to no longer stay under such a feeble sway.
And I realize now,
That I was a wounded fool,
To ever dream about,
Our relation seeking higher hopes of lower grounds.
And I've finally grasped,
That I'll be better off alone.
Because love brings pain,
And pain brings me over the edge,
Drowning in tears.
I'm suffocating those very dreams.
And now that she’s failed you…
We have both crushed our hearts.
We’ve forgotten about the love we had,
Forgot everything we hoped to have,
Forgot about the dreams we had,
Forgot about me,
Forgot about you.
Such oblivion…
Watch us fade into the dark,
The icy cold taking its slow effect.
For Death to shoot us between the eyes,
And in that moment we will see that our lives are mistakes,
Made by some ego-driven deity thirsty for attentions,
And the rosary is nothing but beads.
That is no heaven,
Nor hell,
Nor after life.
Just black and earth.
With the worms we’ll dream as relics,
As they slowly eat away at our rotting flesh.
And we’ll wait to live again,
Wait patiently with the worms over time,
As we become one with the earth,
For when the end hits,
For when the magic of the false, egomaniacal deity,
Long forgotten,
Is cast in spite…
For in that moment we’ll fight over someone's intestine…
And someone else's heart…
And we'll be fighting,
Just like when we were alive and well,
Breathing the oxygen…
And tearing each other apart over petty things…
Petty things like beating organs.

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