One Stupid Lie

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A poem of how things get out of hand when you are having troubles and try to lie your way out.

Submitted: March 06, 2008

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Submitted: March 06, 2008



I'm surrounded,
by whispers from shadows on the walls.
I'm forced,
into the light by vicious claws.
I've fought,
my way out of the jacket.
And I've managed,
to vomit the meds...
That are given to me because supposedly I'm insane.

I've been thrown,
at the shrinks feet.
I'm declared,
things I am not.
I've screamed,
at those who've fucked me up.
and I've silt my wrists,
but the only one who seems to care...
isn't paying attention to any of this,
any attention to me.

And why the agony,

It’s at its most ironic climax...
And I scream,
and fight,
and lash out,
as they drag me to the cold
 metal chair.
And to that steel I am strapped,
sobbing as the chill sends shivers down my spine.
Bright lights blind me
And I feel the beginning of an electric jolt coming into contact.
As it flows through my veins
and the power is bursting through out...
I'm thinking goodbye.......
And Yet, the person who seems to care isn't there...
to watch me die...
Just because one stupid lie.

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