Remembering --A poem

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A poem about a boy whom I see now as family, a son, and not a possible lover... Ah how things change... and oh how ormones go from making me a frothy ball of froth to a maternal figure all those I hold dear.

Submitted: March 06, 2008

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Submitted: March 06, 2008



I can't help but remember your touch
and your sweet whispers.
And every time I try to step away
I feel your breath on my skin.
And what's unspoken
is never far from my mind,
as the tears,
they trickle down in a storm of rain and sorrow.
We listen to yesterdays love songs,
and I can't help but touch you,
every time your within my sight.
I wonder if you feel,
The same when we're apart.

You're always on my mind,
your pale skin,
your bright eyes,
your kind words,
and how you make me cry.
I can't help,
but look through the window.
Hoping that you don't see,
Me crying for your attention,
and wanting to be closer,
but there's no chance
No chance that I'll ever feel the warmth of your embrace again,

or the happiness,Deep to my soul,
You bring.

And I'm lost,
Without choices.

And I'm dying,
fading into darkness.
And as your life is just beginning,
mine is just ending.
And not even love can bring me back,
to see you give my corpse a kiss.

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