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It's a poem about how life is for me, basically, I got bored, :bb

Submitted: May 11, 2010

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Submitted: May 11, 2010



The worst part of life, is havin' to wait;

The best part of life, is havin' someone to spend it withh.

I wait for that person everyday, as if he'd come throughh the door;

But when I saw his face, I knew that he was the one,

I couldn't explain how, but I just got that feelin'

I decided to be friendly, and introduce myself, He said-

"Before you say a word, I like you, you out of everyone 'sparked' My names, Isiahh Noel, I know girly, right? Well let me get my story out the way so you'll know about me, then we shall talk 'bout you"

I just simply stood their, then sat down, and said "Alright..."

"Okay then. Whenn I was born my Mother gave me my name of Zachariah James, but she died in a caar accident, I was only six. They sent me to the Orphanage, where these to white adults, got me, They changed my name, my hair, EVERYTHING. Now Fourteen Years later, my life changed... When I saw you.. "

He just sat their withh this big grin on his face.

He said "Don't say Sorry.."

As if he knew I was going too. so I said-

"Okaay, well my turn to talk, I'm Crystal Anne, I'm a Sohpmore here, 15 Years of age, and when I saw you, you just clicked. I knew you were the one,"

We just sat their, theen the bell rang and come to find out he's in my Homeroom. Amazingggg.

"Why hello their Beautiful," with a big smile on his face,

I replied- "hey handsome," Sounded so wierd for me to say that,.

"Look just to get off to a good start I'm gonna be honest, and straight up with you, I'm not a slut, you can't get me in bed, I'll make you work for the longest of times, and if you cheat on m- Nevermind, just watch your actions, kid."

Welp, This is part one, Enjoy! ((:

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