An Adventure of Jason McFarley

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A brief inspiration, 'tis all.

Jason McFarley was just about four,
And not very tall, it is true.
But there was no limit to what he’d explore
Or what he’d set his mind to do.

Now, if he e’er wanted to scale up a tree
Or climb to the top of a hutch,
‘Twas nothing if Jason could but only see
A place he could easily clutch.

Or he’d gather buckets and pails and the like
Or boxes left lying around
Which he could then fashion, this smart little tyke,
To get himself up off the ground.

Well, one day he wondered if he could just fly
Across from his house to another.
What wonders awaited him for him to spy!
(Without terrifying his mother?)

So bravely he crouched on the edge of the top
Of the roof, with umbrella in hand,
And paused to hear someone to tell him to stop.
(Which is something this leap would demand!)

Of course, keep in mind, he had not told another
Of what he had planned for the day.
Which meant, don’t you see, that included his mother,
For she’d have had something to say!

What ran through the mind of this lad as he gazed
‘Cross the alley so deep and so wide,
I can’t really tell you, but you’d be amazed,
For young Jason would not be denied.

And so with the courage of ten he did leap!
The wind caught his umbrella ... “POOF!”
He sailed ‘cross the alley in one gentle sweep,
And landed atop the next roof.

His eyes opened wider and took in sights
That begged him to come and explore.
What wonders existed,what many delights
Could be seen from the rooftop next door!

From here I could tell you a wondrous tale.
(I assure you, the tale knows no equal.)
However, I fear that it’s purpose would fail,
As I’m sure you would not want a sequel!

Submitted: December 26, 2009

© Copyright 2021 Laura Eggers. All rights reserved.

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