Haiti - A Reflection

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Inspired by the devastating earthquake in Haiti and the sufferings of our fellow men and women there.

Submitted: January 18, 2010

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Submitted: January 18, 2010



The earth below is rumbling
A full, deep-throated roar.
There’s such a feeling all around
As never sensed before.

The buildings start to rock and moan;
The roadways crack and roll.
Is anyone aware of what
Is soon to take its toll?

The ground itself begins to heave,
And hillsides pitch and lurch
There is no building truly safe,
No palace, school or church.

Great buildings crumble where they stand
And bury those inside them.
Who could have known to warn them all
Of what would soon betide them?

It’s over!  For a moment all is still . . .
Were we but dreaming?
The sirens wail and people now
Are crying, shouting, screaming!

For as the haze begins to clear,
The horror settles in.
There’s devastation everywhere!
Where are we to begin?

How many dead?  How many trapped?
How many to be found
Who may be buried still alive
In some yet unsearched mound?

There’s not enough clean water and
There’s not enough to eat!
So many loot and the scavenge and
There’s fighting in the street.

Why did this have to happen
And why must we suffer so?
Is God all that uncaring
Of us humans here below?

When some will say what happened
Is the will of God above,
How does that reconcile with
The fact that “God is love”?

The simple truth is stated in
The Bible, you’ll recall,
That time and unforeseen events
Befall us, one and all.

The fact that horrid things increase
So clearly does remind us
That soon will come great changes,
Leaving all of this behind us.

The God that other people blame
For all our pain and grief
Will be the One to bring about
Salvation and relief!

And those who died in Haiti and
In other lands before
Will once again be welcomed back
To live on earth once more.

For earth will come to be, once more,
A paradise again,
And no more tragedies will cause
Us misery or pain.

And horrid memories of distress
We suffer through today
Will be replaced by untold joy
And truly fade away. 

So now we should take heed and learn
From what we see around us,
The happ’nings of these “final days”
In all the world around us.

We turn to God Jehovah and
We strive to learn Christ’s ways,
For if we ‘seek His kingdom first,’
We’ll see those better days!

© Copyright 2020 Laura Eggers. All rights reserved.

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