I Took My Garbage To The Bin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Inspired by a trip to the garbage dumpster, and a lingering smell on my finger - no lie!

Submitted: December 28, 2009

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Submitted: December 28, 2009



I took my garbage to the bin
(A thing I usually did),
With firm grip on the trash bag as
I lifted up the lid.

I tossed the bag in smartly and
I dropped the lid to close
When suddenly a whiff of something
Odd did reach my nose!

For having walked away from where
The garbage stewed and fumed,
The smell was not an odor garbage
Naturally assumed.

The scent was reminiscent of
Perfume I’ve smelled before.
And it continued in the car
E’en when I closed the door.

A floral scent?  No, fruity!  Yes!
But wait . . . what was that brand?
I wracked my brain for any name
As I did sniff my hand.

I got to work and thought some more;
The puzzling scent did linger.
Afraid was I to wash away
The scent upon my finger.

But then, two hours later, lo!
The scent was fading fast!
I tried to think much deeper as
The odor wouldn’t last.

Well, desperation soon sank in
As I thought frantically
About this strange, exotic smell.
Good grief!  What could this be?

I thought of times gone by when I
Would often wear cologne.
But I had worn so many scents,
Not only one alone.

I thought of dinners just for two,
Of special celebrations,
So many times when I would want
To wear such sweet sensations.

But then I thought of others whose
Perfumes I’d smell around me.
My thoughts began to swirl and were
Beginning to astound me!

When suddenly it hit me from
The corner of my brain:
A public bathroom freshener!  No!
No!  Wait!  Was I insane?

The more I thought about the scent,
The more I knew t’was true.
The days of yore I knew before
Included bathrooms, too!

And such a scent had struck me for
The first time as I sat
So many years ago and thought,
“My goodness!  What is THAT?”

To think that in a bathroom, one
Could smell what seemed to be
A fruity essence!  To be sure,
It smelled like raspberry!

And so the mystery I had solved!
At last, peace could resume!
But I felt some remorse because
It wasn’t fine perfume.

The places I did visit in
My mind to guess that smell!
The memories it did evoke . . .
Too many for to tell.

But fondly I remember them
As now they slip away.
All just because I visited
The garbage bin today! 

© Copyright 2020 Laura Eggers. All rights reserved.

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