Inspired by a real-life experience.

There once was a lady named Helen O’Grady
Who lived life as full as she could.
And ne’er would she miss e’en the tiniest bliss
But make grand of each moment, she would.

Now, Helen, they say, was in love with McKay;
Thomas Riley was his given name.
But her family and his were quite locked in a tiz,
Though they were not a part of the same.

All the town knew the lore of the feud and, what’s more,
All the scandal was “gospel”!  They’d swear it!
Did not matter to her, all the stories they’d stir,
For dear Helen took Tom on his merit.

But as life tweaked and turned, though their hearts else-wise yearned,
Our poor Helen and Tom could not wed.
For their parents did sold them:  Their love was too “bold” when
The feud was considered instead.

And so Helen was mated to someone she “hated”
Compared to her love for her beau.
And poor Tom took a dame of more notable fame
And from “friendlier” folk, don’t you know.

As the years passed behind them, some days would remind them
Of love they were forced to ignore.
And though they each would wonder how things got turned under,
They did not see what was in store.

Until one day their young from their homes had been flung
To pursue their own lives by and by.
And eventually each did a lonely state reach
When their mates did eventually die.

And, so, what do you say?  Well, now clear was the way
For our Tom to take Helen aside.
And once promise both made, he wed Helen O’Grady,
Yes, took her to be his sweet bride.

And the town rag’s report of the old gal’s retort
Spake the theme of the old couple’s vow:
“Well, we’re not dead at 80!” said Helen O’Grady,
“The best of our life begins now!”

Submitted: December 28, 2009

© Copyright 2023 Laura Eggers. All rights reserved.