Dark Sentence

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A mother waits after her son is released from prison. He was never meant to go.

Dark Sentence
On that sunny day I stood.
In the yellow I stood on that expectant platform
I was waiting for you:
For a comet, a sandstorm, a tidal wave.
You fell to me so pitifully.
You were a flicker, a misplaced slab,
A breeze passing through.
I had to take time to take you in,
My aged rustic statue.
I saw the rocks in your heart
And the new depths you had sunk to.
I read the lies in your letters
From the whispers in your eyes.
I felt your knees subside to a timeless hunger –
I gathered you up inside.
You chortled and gasped through drops of blood
And clenched with every breath.
Behind those bars
You painfully woke to a
Bleeding nose, lips
Broken bones.
You were one of the few.
A difficult child you were my son,
Now a scared, scarred wreck of mine.
The whips have served you unkindly
For a black dialling

Submitted: February 26, 2009

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