I Think About

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Inescapable thoughts when you are in a relationship

Submitted: February 06, 2009

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Submitted: February 06, 2009



I Think About
Do you know what happens when you touch me? Every cell in my body responds that I love you. Your touch keeps me alive in the love we have. It is something I cannot deny, even if I want to hide from it. Your touch reminds me of this. Even if it is an ugly moment, your tiny touch makes me not able to run away, to move away from you. I love you. Do you know how much?
I think about if you are thirsty at work.
I think about your sheets being cold in your bed in Campana.
I think about if you put cream on your face.
I think about things I can say to make you happy.
 I think about things I can say to make you cry, to make you angry.
I think about your neck as you sleep on the bus early in the mornings.
I think about your fingers as they type on your computer.
I think about how brave you are to do the things you do and do them with me.
I think about what you teach me.
I think about your socks.
I think about how your face brings me peace. It doesn’t matter if we are having a fabulous time chatting, or if we are arguing, I still love both moments because it means you are looking at me.
I think about how you will hold our children.
I think about your skin.
I think about you writing text messages at your desk.
I think about you bent over a table, studying.
I think about you heating milk to make coffee.
I think about the things you will say when I tell you things.
I think about your rough hands.
I think about you looking at our photos.
I think about you leaving the bathroom floor wet after your shower.
I think about you looking properly when you cross the road.
I think about your legs when you play tennis.
I think about your pillow and how you hold it each night.
I think about the earphones in your ears from your iPod.
I think about your arm across me.
I think about how you look from the tops of your eyes.
I think about you using your scarf.
I think about you eating without stopping.
I think about how you comfortable you make me.
I think about how you want nothing else but to learn something more.
I think about how your face and voice shakes when you are upset.
I think about your belly when you bend over.
I think about you taking your medicine.
I think about the steps you take every day and what they mean for you.
I think about you remembering a dream to tell me.
I think about the questions you will ask when I tell you a story.
I think about what you will never understand.
I think about the moment I met you and how it changed my life forever. How the thought of not having you in my life, never seeing you again, is something I cannot bear.
I think about your laugh.
I think about how I treat you and what I should change.
I think about your love when you buy me flowers each week.
I think about you biting your nails when you are listening to someone.
I think about the next second I will see you and what you will feel and what I will feel.
Do you think that if we stay like this forever, nothing can touch us?
Yes, he said.

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