Little Grains of Sand

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A reflection of an imagined day at an imagined beach.

Submitted: April 04, 2011

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Submitted: April 04, 2011



My footprints were washed away with every step I took. I looked backed on them for the few moments they existed, I left them there. No one else would ever be able to replicate that footprint and in an instance it would be gone. No one cared, or thought any of it. What if I took one more step and it was my last? Would that footprint be all that is left of my existence? And it would be gone in less than a minute? Nobody would remember the last step I took. I kept walking with this new thought of vulnerability I had acquired. Wondering how many people has walked along this very beach, what they looked like, what type of life they had lead, the things that never seemed to matter. I wondered how many people had thought the same thing I was thinking.

I sat at the point where the dry sand met the wet sand, and watched. I watched the waves just crash over each other, the little tiny boats on the horizon slowly move, nothing in particular, I just watched. The sea breeze was blowing my hair everywhere and the salt in the air was leaving me dehydrated, but I didn't seem to mind. I felt so insignificant in the whole scheme of things; I took a deep breath and forgot about the things that had been worrying me, life’s little obstacles. Here, looking out at the immense body of water I felt so tiny. I grabbed a handful of sand and let it slowly sift through my fingers, I felt like one of those grains of sand, and everybody else was another. At that moment life felt massive, yet minute. One grain of sand was minute but put it with all the other grains and it’s massive. The tide was starting to touch the tips of my feet and I shuffled up the beach a few inches. I noticed how some of the sand stuck to the edge of my toes where the salty water had just touched them. It reminded me of the fact that though we may not be remembered by every grain of sand on the beach, we’re remembered by a few that stick to us.

I stretched out to lie down on the warm sand. I watched the clouds slowly move over the midday sun. The world I felt content with, at that moment. There is too much I can't change, and I have tried for too long to change it. I realised that there’s a point where you have to let some things go. At that moment I let go of everything I hadn’t been able to. I felt at peace with myself. I could hear the waves crashing in the background and the whistle of the wind in my ears. I smiled, for no real reason, just because I could. I spread my arms out and dug little holes with the tips of my fingers in the sand. Closing my eyes and I took a deep breath of the salty air in through my nose, it felt refreshing. At that moment I really did just feel like a grain of sand on a beach in the middle of nowhere. I felt out of reality and in touch with myself. The tide had caught up to me at that point and this time I let it lap at my toes. I had no reason not to let it. I had no reason not to do anything if I truly thought about it, mostly just excuses or consequences if I did whatever I felt like doing. This made me feel carefree, responsibilities fizzled out for a few moments and I was completely relaxed.

Just lying there, not caring about anything was the best sense of clarity I had ever experienced. It was nothing out of the ordinary yet so dreamlike. I would forever remember that day; the day I found my simplicity through the my complex realization of existence. Not bad for a grain of sand.

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