The Difference.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a story i've just started, i hope to turn it into a novel. Its about a girl with a special gift that everyone wants

Repressed memories and cold coffee was all I could think about. Photo after photo, reminding me of the moments that made life. Life before, compared to life now, was bizarre. The faint memory of Jess touched my consciousness. The image of her strawberry blonde hair and deep brown eyes illuminated inside my mind, and I stroked the photo that sparked that memory. The only one left, before it happened. I remembered now. I remember the flames, the fear and the fascination. Everything that had shaped me, created my world, had cremated in front of me, and I allowed it. I took another sip of my coffee, forgetting it was freezing cold. It seemed strange, that over a short period of time, even coffee changes. I bit my lip and dropped the photo, unwillingly my face started to scrunch up and my fists clench. I remembered why I didn't want to remember. Guilt; it plagued me whenever I thought about that day. Anger erupted inside me when I remembered the guilt. Then sadness followed after anger when I realised there was nothing that could be changed. The coffee cup shook in front of me as my anger grew, and just like clockwork, the overbearing desolation then enticed my soul. I did nothing, I could have saved everything. The depressing memory of that day lined my existence forevermore. The tiny river trickled down the slope of my cheek and spilled over onto the table. I decided kneeling on the floor whilst drinking cold coffee and crying about a photo of a past friend, seems unnecessary. I held my tears in and swallowed my sadness, enough was enough. Besides, it’s Showtime soon.

I picked myself up off the ground; the table seemed so much bigger when I was kneeling. The glamour of the room made me feel like a shaggy dog. Marble floors that I could see myself in, deep royal red drapes that, when opened, saw such a view of LA that sparkled like pixie dust. My soul didn't belong here. The beauty was not my style. It’s like looking for gold when all you can find is diamonds. I wanted my old life back, before everyone knew. Apprehension shadowed my footsteps as I paced inside my dressing room. Nerves did not cause this repetitive movement; it helped me concentrate my talent. I was never nervous, just scared. What if it happens again? A flash of light interrupted my train of thought, a flame; a failure. To rebuild one’s life doesn’t take much, to do this well, takes spirit. I hoped I had enough.

“Time to rehearse”, shouted Catherina from outside the door. Rehearsal annoyed me. I doubted I needed it, who can they compare me to? I was the only one of my kind. In fact, performing became rather tedious after a while. My talent had become part of my everyday life; it seemed strange that people were at such awe because of it. Comparable to someone gawking in amazement at another while they do their shoe laces. Walking towards Catherina, I wondered about the dance moves she insisted I repeat on stage. “I’m not dancing,” I announced as I coolly passed her, leaving the room. Some men would call Catherina sexy, I, on the other hand; would call it an overconsumption of Botox and silicon. “We have already discussed this Amelia, you will do as I say or do no more,” she demanded strongly whilst trying to maintain my pace. This was clearly a bluff; she had no power to dismiss me. “Right, I will defiantly dance for you master,” I teased. I loved pissing Catherina off. Her brow line dropped and her eyes squinted, vaguely resembling a primate. “Just do what you want freak, it’s not like anything anyone says could change it”. I was glad I could read her thoughts sometimes; I liked to mess with her. “Freaky, aren’t I?” I said with as little emotion as possible, it was hard to suppress the laughter rumbling inside me as I observed her facial expressions: from primate, to deer in headlights.

The subtle hints towards my other talents were starting to fall, piece by piece, into the puzzle about me Catherina had constructed inside her mind. She wasn’t as dim as to let them pass her; in fact, she was the sharpest spoon I knew. I smirked at my own insult, she gave me a disapproving look, “Don’t go off daydreaming now, you perform in 2 hours, you need all your concentration.” Her lectures always bored me. Our relationship was like that of a grumpy school teacher and an unmotivated student, neither wanted to be there, but neither had a choice. “I know my abilities better than you do, strangely enough,” I retorted. Catherina muttered something to herself, the words ‘stubborn’ and ‘bitch’ caught my ears, before she resigned to an awkward quietness. We both knew the other did not appreciate the company.

The click-clack of her stilettos along the large marble hallway started to irritate me; I broke the silence. “Never try to eat a phonebook,” I stated with all the wisdom I could muster. She observed me as if I were an environmentalist killing cute forest critters. “Just so you know”, I reconfirmed. She made a low, dull pitched hum. I had done an excellent job in antagonizing her today. “I don't know what to make of you” she finally decided after another long silence. “Please don't make anything out of me.” The sincerity of my expression caused Catherina to consider my plea seriously for a few seconds, before she realised I was teasing her again. She shook her head and continued to lead me wherever I was going. In the excitement of it all, I had forgotten to ask where exactly she wanted me to go. “Where is it we’re going captain?” she didn't answer me. I attracted attention to my question by opening every door down the hall way as I walked, which was the main corridor to the other performers rooms, each was quite in shock when I opened their door and answered “Nope, not here”. “Alright, I’ll tell you” she finally caved after the latest victim of my personal space invasion threatened to call security. “Oh you’re still here” I pretended, she ignored my comment, “We’re going to somewhere you’ve never been Amelia”. “Narnia!?” I exclaimed overdramatically whilst opening a nearby broom cupboard. “Just follow me and control yourself” Catherina sternly demanded. I had gone overboard in dismembering her organised day; I retreated behind and let her lead me. Not without the occasional annoying word or two though. We entered a room at the very south of the building, it looked the same as all the other rooms, cream walls, dark blue carpet and strange old fashioned light switches. A small dark table was positioned at the very back of the room, and behind it, a man. I couldn’t make out his facial features from where we stood in the door way, all I could see was his dark hair. As we walked closer, the only noise that could be heard was the light pat of Catherina‘s heels on the carpet. An intense atmosphere manifested as the man did not stop staring at me. My light playful mood now evaporated, and cautiousness replaced it.

“Ah, Amelia” he said whilst looking me up and down, “ it’s taken far too long for us to exchange greetings, but I would be willing to wait longer for someone like you” his crooked smile at the end of his sentence suggested this was not a friendly visit. I felt like an object to him, a collectable. I could sense it. I stood in front of the table, in neutral position.

“It’s rude to stand”, the man seemed serious. “If you haven't noticed,” I started, “there aren’t any other chairs”. I knew I sounded defensive; this meeting seems of great importance for events to come, I wanted him to know I wasn't planning on going quietly; wherever I was going. “Quite wrong you are,” the man had that same crooked smile when I walked in the room, “why, there’s one right behind you”. I looked him in the eye, I knew this was no bluff, he was too confident. I smiled politely and slowly sat down, without taking my eyes off the man, I would not let his games get to me. Sure enough, my confidence in his words was met by a rather comfortable chair. A sense of relief rushed through me, though I didn’t dare show it. I wanted him to be the one in surprise. “You either judge well, or are just lucky.” He said with a slightly higher voice. “I judge well.” I confirmed confidently. I would not ask questions about the magically appearing chair, that’s what he wants me to do. Besides, stranger things had happened to me. I tried to read his mind, just one word would be enough, but disappointingly I was met by vacant shadows of thought. My eyes twitched slightly out of frustration, but I managed to keep my composure. This was not a good situation, I could feel his power, it was something I had never felt before – darkness, the only word adequate to describe it. Catherina was standing in the corner with worry, it was obvious she had no idea what was going on.

“You may leave now Ms. Bevirearie, your husband requested you be home early tonight remember?” Catherina’s eyes suddenly bulged and she stared at this man with disbelief. She then silently exited the room, in too much shock to speak as the man had just given such accurate details about her private life. The man leaned forward once Catherina had left; he placed his elbows on the table and touched the tips of his fingers together, slowly pulling his hands in and out as he stared straight into my eyes. His eyes hungry for me, he wanted to know more. I did too.

“What do you want?” I asked without taking my gaze off his dark brown eyes. “Well”, he started, that same crooked smile slowly forming through his thin lips, “I’m bored with normal people, I want something different”. “Like me” I finished his sentence. “Possibly” he answered, “or maybe you’re just like everyone else”. He was teasing me. There was no way he would find me just because he was bored. “Don’t lie” I plainly stated as I began to stand up, “I have to go, my performance is soon”. “NO!” he yelled as his face began turning pink, “you will not leave until I say so” he finished more calmly, his hands spread palm down on the table. “Who says I can’t?” I strongly but quietly stated. No one ever tells me what to do. I lowered myself back into my chair, and critically examined his face for a moment, he had deep forehead wrinkles, I guessed his age to be around early fifties, his nose was quite an obvious feature, it stuck far out from the rest of his face, yet his thick dark brown hair gave him a very gentleman-like look. He wore dark grey jeans and a dark green shirt. This man looked of average stature. But when I look inside of him, I feel a heavy storm beginning to erupt, this was definitely bad. “I’m going to leave” I told him like I was addressing a two year old, “and don’t follow me”. I got up before he could say anything and walked at an even pace across the room. I would not be scared of him.

I stopped in front of the door, put my hand on the door knob and tried to swiftly open it. The door knob wouldn’t budge. I fiddled with the knob for a few seconds before I heard him laughing. “You’ll never get that open” he told me “you’re powers aren’t as strong as mine”. I focused my energy on the door, and began to imagine it opening. I closed my eyes, concentrating the image of the opening door in my head, and put my hand back on the door knob. It began to slowly twist before it locked up the other way and wouldn’t budge. “I’m never wrong” the man stated from behind me. I looked back at him with just my head, “that’s wrong” I answered. Then without much thinking, I focused my energy on the wall just beside the door, pushed my hands on the wall and with a loud thud, a perfect rectangular door shaped hole was made. I stepped out into the hall and walked away. No one ever controls me.

I expected him to put up a fight, but he didn’t. He didn't do anything. I didn't even know his name. I kept walking, at a slightly faster pace. I was shaken, but not beaten. This is definitely not the last you will see of me. I stopped in mid step. That thought was not mine. He’s toying with me. I walked back to my trailer at a slightly quicker pace than normal. It would be lying to say I hadn’t been shaken up. I felt such power from that man. His thoughts were surrounded by thick dark clouds, I couldn’t penetrate them. This only meant one thing, I must get stronger. I must be better than him. I reached my door. Cautiously, I turned the knob, remaining silent. I could hear the tiny parts in the handle working. I opened the door by an inch, then some more. Nothing had changed. I collapsed on my bed, staring at the ceiling. I closed my eyes, trying to focus my energy. Imagine a deep thick white cloud. I told myself. Something strong, I need a strong memory. I imagined a small lake I had once visited with Mama. It was one of the coldest of days that winter. I was about seven. The lake was perfectly frozen, below us the ground was completely white, untouched. Above us were large white and grey clouds slowly drifting through the sky. There was no green grass or blue sky to be seen for miles. I felt so pure at such a place. A tall bushy Pine tree was growing just above the lake, snow licking its leaves. I remember sitting down at that tree, before the blizzard. Mama was walking behind me when it begun. A slow wind began which grew louder and stronger in seconds, and everything suddenly vanished. I was lost in the bright. Searching for some hint of a shadow that could be Mama, I called to her. I then saw her walking towards me, her hands tightly covering the sides of her face. I held my hand out for her. Her cold and shaky gloves reached mine and she quickly huddled up next to me. We sat in that blizzard for three hours, under that tree. It was surreal, like being stuck on a white blank page. I imagined that never ending white light. Engulfing everything around it and allowing nothing to see through. A deep sallow fog shrouded around my forehead. I could feel it covering my thoughts, like a bubble made from deep mist. Now I had a new trick up my sleeve when that man bothers me again. I sat up rather slowly, and summoned my hair brush. My long blonde hair had become tangled in plaster from the destroyed wall. I brushed it without using my hands, then, set the brush down on a nearby table. I had about an hour before my big show. I was more worried than usual, but the show must go on.

A quick knock rattled my door. “Who is it?” I called. “James, open up” the voice replied. My heart suddenly plummeted though my stomach. He can’t be here now. James had no power over me officially, he was a performer, like me. But he made me nervous and clumsy, awkward and caught off guard. “Uh, come in” I told him sounding quite high pitched. He entered my room, his light blonde hair sitting perfectly on his flawlessly structured face. I stood up to greet him; he stood at least a foot taller than me. He grabbed both my shoulders as he faced opposite me. He was very powerfully built, from all his training. “Are you ok?” his deep voice asked me. “Yes” I said softly. His large hands loosen slightly. “Did you make that giant hole in the wall?” he asked quite casually. I couldn’t lie to him, I never could. “I had to” I said. I looked into his eyes, they were such a deep green. He stared back into mine. He can see though the thickest of my disguises. I was trying to seem nonchalant, relaxed even, but I knew he didn’t buy it. I really didn't want to go into detail right now, and he knew that. “Okay, well it’s a bit obvious is all” he told me with a slight smile. “I know that” I looked away from his emerald eyes. He still held my shoulders, and slowly he loosened his grip. His large hands slid down my arms and pulled me closer to him. I hugged him back. “It must have been bad,” he whispered, “you look pretty terrified”. “I was not terrified!” I retaliated. “I have a lot to think about right now”. I pulled away from his embrace, and walked over to sit on my bed. He stayed standing. “Well you have to perform in about forty minutes” He told me abruptly, “I came in to tell you that”. I watched him from my bed. “Sit down” I told him. He grabbed a chair from under my desk and brought it over to me. I hadn’t planned what to do next. We sat awkwardly in silence for a few moments. “Can I help you practice?” he offered. “Um, sure”. I got up from my bed and walked over to the large wooden writing desk. I extracted five pens from my jar. “Catch these” I told him. Without hesitation I levitated the five pens in my hand and sent each flying at him, one after the other. He caught four through each finger on his right hand and caught the fifth in his left. I smiled at him. James was always good at these types of games. After all, his talent did require a great deal of speed and agility. “Throw them back” I light heartedly said. He did, at greater speed than I had done. I didn’t try and catch them. I watched all five speed towards my torso. Just as they we centimetres away, I slowed them down. They came to a full halt millimetres before my chest. I gathered the pens and dropped them in my left hand. “That’s cheating” he claimed sounding slightly annoyed. “If you could do what I do, you would” I teased.

Submitted: April 06, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Lauraaa. All rights reserved.

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