My christmas nightmare.

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Juliet's whole world comes crashing down with just one phone call.

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Submitted: January 03, 2013



"How could this be happening? This can't be happening, this isn't happening!" I continued to scream into the reciever.

"I'm so sorry Juliet. No one knows why these terrible things happen." Rosalie gently spoke .

"How is he now? I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Juliet please, listen to me. You're six months pregnant, it's a blizzard outside be careful! If anything happens to you or the baby I could never forgive myself." Rosalie cried.

"He's my husband, I need to be with him. I promise I'll drive slow." I whispered into the darkness, fresh tears continued to descend down my pallid cheeks.

"Okay, I'll be waiting. Room 5 on the ITU ward." Rosalie mumbled before the line went dead.

As Rosalie's voice left my ears, my slow scream filled the room. How could this of happened? He had only gone to the shop, my cravings were getting worse lately, he had only gone for me. What if he died because of me. I couldn't bare it. How did his car end up overturned on the motorway. Why now, why today of all day's, christmas eve!


As I continued down the abdoned roads my mind kept thinking of one thing, our baby. How could I raise this baby on my own? It needed it's father, I needed it's father! Almost as if it knew I was thinking of it, the baby began to kick, deep powerful kicks. I placed my hand to my stomach with a slight smile. "I love you sweetie."


The hospital was eerly quite as I made my way to Elijah. Damn, what room did Rosalie say!

"Juliet!" Rosalie shouted from the bottom of the corridor. I couldn't say anything as she wrapped her arms around me. My heart ached as I looked around, everything was christened in christmas cheer. Tinsle was wrapped awkwardly around almost every surface. "What happened?" I sobbed, my voice barely audible.

"A drunk driver hit him whilst he was waiting to cross the island. The driver got away Juliet, I'm so sorry." Rosalie soothed, she had been my bestfriend for almost ten years, she was an amazing person but an even better doctor. "What's the damage to Eli?" "I'm afarid he's in a coma Juliet, his body has shut down. The inpact of the crash was so large, his brain has started to collect fluid around it." She spoke as she wrapped her arms around me.

I couldn't believe what she was saying, my knees trembled and gravity took hold. I fell to the floor in one motion. "Juliet, are you okay? The baby.." "She's fine. She's a fighter like her daddy." I mumbled as Rosalie took my arm and led me into Eli's room.

* He looked so pale, as he lay motionless. My adoring husband was my everything, him and our baby were my future. Without him, we would have no future. "What can you do for him?" I whispered as I moved to sit next to his bed, his flesh was so warm against mine.

"Nothing. We just have to hope he will improve. I'll leave you alone for a while." As Rosalie pulled the door to a close, tears washed down my cheeks. "Elijah, can you hear me? I need you baby. We need you." I sobbed. There was no response, just the endless silence. "You can't leave us, it's christmas eve. Who will open your presents? I have been waiting for months to open that little one under the tree, you know I found it in your sock draw." I mumbled with a smile.


"You need to be here for when our daughter comes into the world. I can't raise her without you, she needs you Elijah, I need you. Please come back to me." The baby began to kick more furiously as I continued to talk. I grabbed Elijah's limp hand and placed it on my stomach "You feel that, that's your daughter she needs you." I whimpered.

Rosalie came in as I continued to cry. "I'm sorry Juliet, I've just had his results, it's not looking good. You're exhausted, you should go home for a few hours." Rosalie said.

"I can't leave him Rosalie."

"Think of the baby. Being here is not helping, go home, if anything happens you'll be the first to know, please just go home." Rosalie repeated.

"Okay, but just for a few hours."

"Okay, but you need to prepare yourself for the worst. He's being kept alive by a machine Juliet."

"Oh, okay." I trembled. "I love you Jules." As I turned to leave it felt like I was walking out from him. Before I could control myself I was by is bedside shouting at him. "You promised you would never leave! You said forever." I screamed as I shook him. As I was dragged away from him, it felt like the end.


"I always keep my promises." Elijah whispered as he pulled out his breathing tube.

"Elijah!" Escaped in a sob.

"Merry Christmas baby."

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