Your Forever....

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Nothing much to this one... a friend asked me to write something... and this is what I came up with.

She took his hand for the last time. Holding it as tightly as she could, remembering every moment, but in particularly the first moment she held him... the first moment she could be with him. She remembered it perfectly in those few seconds of their long goodbye. She could remember everything... the way the winds blow the leaves from the trees and how it rushed through her hair. But by far the most vivid memory was when he first approached her. He wondered over quite slowly... thinking about every step he took. He almost looked scared to approach her... like she would reject him immediately, he of course not knowing her heart was racing just like his. She has been waiting. Waiting for a chance to speak with him... waiting for a chance to tell him just how she felt... “So this shall be our first meeting... the first impression” she thought to herself as he came slowly towards her.

The first word he spoke to her was slow and stuttered just like his movements; he simply said “Hello” and her heart pounded even harder... if that were possible. She replied with a shy smile, hoping she didn’t look as red as she felt... he carried on talking, building up more and more courage as he did, and making it much easier for them to talk to each other. As time went on she realised that he knew quite a lot about her, like her eye colour and her favourite bands. She also knew quite a bit about him... but not even close to the amount he knew about her. That didn’t bother him, saying “I would much rather us learn about each other... together...” When he realised she was struggling to think of things.

Later that day, he made a very big effort to convince her to let him walk her home... explaining that it wasn’t safe and that it was the right thing for him to do. Refusing this kind of offer he took her hand and asked her if he could at least walk her half way. Just to make sure she was ok. She agreed and he walked her right to the end of her street. From here they could see her house... jokingly she asked “Are you sure I can make it back from here?” He didn’t reply, just standing there now looking down at his shoes... which was strange because the whole way there he was just watching her speak.. he looked up and took her in his arms very gently... “Promise to be safe ok... nothing dangerous” she giggled slightly until she looked into his pleading eyes... she took a deep breath and just nodded once... “Thank you... see you tomorrow ok?”

“Yep... see you tomorrow.” By this time he had already reluctantly let go, taking one small step away from her... once again staring into her eyes. That was just one of her sweetest memories or their time together, their very short lived time.

It was time for them to say goodbye now... the ending of their story together. “Who knew it would be so soon... the end of our forever.” She whispered to herself... now snuggling into his chest... but somehow he heard. “Its the end of our forever... but not yours... or mine...” This didn’t help her at all... not getting their forever... but she knew deep down in her heart, as long as his life carried on, she would try to live her life too... without him... So she just nodded wearily, moving her head from his chest but leaving both hands there. “It’s time for us to say goodbye” looking straight into his eyes, holding back every tear that was inside her. He took her hand and went to kiss her goodbye softly... but then remembered just how hard it was already, that final kiss would not make things any easier. Seeing his hesitation she pulled away slowly, looking down trying to cover up her now watery eyes. “Goodbye... my... uhmm... goodbye.”

“It’s okay... Just remember your promise okay..... Take care...” She looked up... fury in her eyes, how could he say this when he was leaving her... braking the one truly important thing... but that fury soon diminished once she saw those pleading eyes again. “I will... forever... okay” She took her hands from his chest and taking a step farther away from him for the first time.

He took his bags from his chair... and slowly walked away... just as slow as the first time they met. She watched as he boarded the plane for his long journey home, now she could finally brake down... she stepped back looking for somewhere safe to fall... not being able to see through the tears. She reached into her pocket searching for the tissues she had placed there earlier that day... knowing she would need them. But she felt a rigid piece of paper... she pulled it out as fast as her shaking hands could... thinking maybe it was a goodbye note, something she could hold on to forever.

She reread it a few times before it finally sank in... “I am very sorry... my love. Thank you for promising... you will always have your forever... but I can no longer have mine with you... or without. Just keep your promise okay... and I... well... you will get an explanation in a few days”

She looked up already knowing what he meant... already knowing he wasn’t going to have a future at all... no matter his forever. She ran to the glass wall... staring at the empty run way. Hoping he would realise that she wanted to be there... she wanted to say goodbye... she wanted to help.

A few days later... still staring at the blank ceiling in her room.... she waits for it to come. When it finally did she opened it slowly... a perfectly folded letter. She just had to read it once to clarify her already suspicious thoughts.

“I am sorry if this is later than expected... but I have no control over that... I would like to explain, explain that where I am now... that I am fine... and I will always be with you no matter what, just like I said. I am sorry that I lied... but I think... or thought it was for the best. I can assure you that it will all be fine in time. Time can heal everything, right? Well... almost everything.

The last day that I saw you, was not just our last day, but also my last day. The details of my illness are not needed right now... but just know I couldn’t let you suffer as I slowly left this world. So... until the day comes when your forever is up... when we can meet again, I will be waiting... I hope for a very long time, waiting for you to join me... Goodbye my Love”

She took the note slowly, repeating over and over again in her head “I have to be strong... I have to take care...” as she placed it to her heart and closed her eyes tightly.

“I will keep my promise” I will live on... until the day comes when I can finally be with you again.

Submitted: May 07, 2011

© Copyright 2021 LauraJWilliams. All rights reserved.

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Frank Ramtahal

I am of the opinion that your short story would have a great appearance if you format it into a number of paragraphs.

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If some ideas from THE POWER OF THE MIND you borrow;
You are sure to end up with some humour.

Sat, May 7th, 2011 2:18pm


Erm... and I just found out how to reply to messages... sorry for the wall post...

Sat, May 7th, 2011 8:02am

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