Go with Me

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I hated and I loved, and you ask why I do it

But I can't answer because

I don't know, but I feel it and I'm tortured.

My conscience is more to me than what the world says

Go with me, God has favored us

Make my day

I love you

But still...

I want to know

Who you are

I want to know

Who I am

I hate that I can’t love

And I hate that you could never love me

For you exist

Only in my mind

And even in my dreams,

You reject me

Because that is what I believe

I deserve

But still...

I want you to go with me

For on this night

God has favored us

In a way he never has before

And if my heart breaks

I will leave you and cry

I will cry and mourn until my tears are dried up

And I will talk to you, though so far away

And then I'll sleep

To wake in an empty bed

But still...

If my heart survives

And even thrives

I will smile at you ever more

At those eyes and those hands I adore

And I would hope for you to take me in your arms

Hold me tight through the beautiful night

Safely, securely, protected in your arms

And wake with a smile

In a room that had been empty for a while

And ever still...

I know I can love

For you exist in the world

And I know can be loved

For you tell me so

Submitted: August 31, 2009

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Wow, huh? haha

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