Or / And

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The poem is about how what fundamental physics say is the truth of the universe is completely meaningless with respect to earthly existence. It is poetic dwelling on the earth, in both its details ('chocolate-covered profiteroles', 'late summer afternoons in the park') and its fundamental structure (communication: 'hello' / perception: 'in the eyes of you and me') that gives meaning to existence, thus breaking with the monism of a single theory of everything, in favour of a poetic pluralism: more than one 'verse'. Moreover, it is only this earthly poetry that constitutes a local exception to the second law of thermodynamics - the inevitable rise of entropy - that applies at the level of the universe.

Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Submitted: January 26, 2013




Or / And


The universe began with a big bang over 14 billion years ago;

Or when someone once said ‘hello’;


The universe contains the floating debris of super-massive black holes,

And chocolate-covered profiteroles; 


The universe is inconceivable without a quasi-infinite number of quarks,

Or late summer afternoons in the park;


The universe can only be explained in the 11 dimensions of M-theory;

And in the eyes of you and me;


The universe is predestined to fade out through the inexorable rise of entropy,

Or rise anew in poetry.


The universe, by definition, has only one verse;

How, then, can it contain the Earth? 

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