Prime (Part One)

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A man gets caught in a street brawl... is framed... and is taken to court... a tale of bitter feeling and revenge.

Submitted: June 16, 2008

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Submitted: June 16, 2008



Part One
The courtroom is where this scene takes place
Here stands a man who's fallen from grace

His crime allegedly took place downtown
When the shooting had begun

There's many more to trial
Be he's Prime in the pile
The man with the red tattoo says he saw the whole thing and claims the man vile

He pleads "Not guilty"
But don't they all?
They're only trying to prevent their own fall

He's sentenced to prison for homocide
A sentence in which he'll have to abide

He'll always know what really happened though
And let the records show

This is how it went down
That night while he as out on the town

One shot, two shots, three shots he heard
The night the crime occurred

Another man ran toward him with gun in hand
He wore a mask and a red tattoo on his arm

With killer instincts aside
He pushes the gun to the right

Into the innocent's hands
While he ran

Cops show up
And the innocent is prime suspect

The courtroom is where we return
As the jury reaches its decision
That the man in question should go to prison

Prime pays for the crime
While his wife loses him and every dime

The children start to cry
And as he rots in prison
A need for revenge has risen

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