Prime (Part Two)

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A man gets caught in a street brawl... is framed... and is taken to court... a tale of bitter feeling and revenge

Submitted: June 16, 2008

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Submitted: June 16, 2008



Part Two
Thw wife is bitter and vengeful
She wants to know
Who did this to my husband?

The only clue was given to her by her husband when she went to visit
"A red tattoo he bore on his arm," he said
And she remembered what no one else had noticed
The witness who claimed her husband guilty
He bore the tatto described

She had only seen it for a split second
Because he had kept it sealed
But she knew

In rage she tracked him down
That man who framed her husband one night in town

It had been a gang member who participated in that shooting
She now knew
The Vampires as they so boldly called themselves
Because they stole the blood of the enemy

One night the wife left her houseand children with her sister
while she went out to find those people caused her husband to pay for his innocence

A knife she held for show
A gun she hid for the kill
There they were, in an abandoned warehouse
The Vampires

In her anger and wrath she burst in and said:
"Which one of you did it? Which one!"
She held the knife with a shaking hand

The men pulled out guns in defense and anger that she would threaten them like this
But, oh, the gun she concealed's trigger had already been pulled
One dropped dead
Then one after another before her collapsed
Between the misfires and hits
The one who was really guilty slipped away
Never to be seen again

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