the battle against myself

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my battle against depression

Submitted: May 12, 2011

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Submitted: May 12, 2011




You told me we needed to talk,

you said my eyes told you im not ok,

i cried so much,

i told you how i wanted to die,

i took the blade to my wrist,

smiled and said i just want to leave,

i cut and saw the bad things running away,

the cuts made the bad memories go away,

it gave me my life somewhat back,

at least for the night,

i wish my grandma would come take me to heaven,

i miss her much,

i know she loves me,

but now she's gone,

i need her by my side,

she never hurt me,

she always believed in me,

now i sit alone fighting the world around me,

please come take this pain away,

i saw the car coming i ran,

ran so fast,

my head wasnt thinking,

not a scratch not a mark,

i wish it killed me but yet im still alive,

maybe im getting too depressed,

maybe im too lost,

maybe i can't get these things out of my head,

i can't ask for help,

i can't admit i need it or that im not srtong enough....

By Alicia perez

may 12 2011

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