Magic Land

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This is a childrens story with faires and ogers kings and queens.

Submitted: December 10, 2011

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Submitted: December 10, 2011



 Magic Land

By: Lauren Byers

Once upon a time there was a magical land called Magic Land. Magic land was made up of islands towns and different lands. There was a king Esile and Queen Violet who ruled magic land, and they had lots of daughters and a son. But the Land was so big that they decided to give one of these children an island town or land.

Magic land is a very special place because only certain things can live there. Only fairies, wizards and elves are able to live in magic land. All the kings and Queens daughters were fairies and the sons was a wizard each child had its own special power. But there was another part of Magic land it was called the enchanted forest because if you went there you tuned evil, only Trolls giants and ogres could there because they were mean and wanted to take over Magic Land.

The lands were named after different types of foods. There was Ice Cream Island, and the smallest island was Juice Island. The towns were Hambergtown, which was the biggest place the King and Queen had to rule. The lands were gravylend, potatolen, and Chesselend.  The daughters were Elli and Nelly the twins and the youngest their powers was that Elli was a healing fairy and Nelly was a dream fairy, Ash was a fire fairy, Daisy was a flower fairy, Lilly was an animal fairy and Dalia was a singing fairy, the most troubled and only son was Johnny he was a very experienced wizard. But there was a problem because there were only six islands and 7 kids.

Potatolen and Gravylend went to Elli and Nelly because they are the youngest and love potatoes and gravy. The two lands were close together so the King and Queen gave it to them. Ash the oldest and most experience of ruling got the biggest and farthest away town then any one she got Hambergtown. Ice Cream Island went to Daisy because she ate ice cream every day and where daisies grew all year around and every single spot only because she was a flower fairy who could grow any type of flower no matter what type of year it was.

Lilly got Juice Island because she could only drink juice. Her island was the closest to her parents because she had trouble ruling the island. Dalia was in charge of Chesselend because she loves cheese and that was the land of the elves, and that was the only thing that elves ate so Chesselend was a very important place for Magic land.

But one child still did not have an island, land or town. This one was the only son Johnny. He got angry because he was one of the oldest. But he could not do anything because the King and Queen already made it for sure that everyone would stay in charge of their place so he went for a walk to think about what he would do. Johnny did not know about the Enchanted Forest because he never ever did listen to any one so he was walking and felt this power go through him that he never felt before and he got all nervous and did not know what to do. He tried to get out of the forest but he was stuck it the forest he tried all the spells he knew and they did not work. There was only one way that he could get out and those ways was by having all his sisters put all there magic in to one ball and throw it at the enchanted force field around the forest.

Johnny was getting tired walking in the enchanted forest so he started to look around the forest a place to sleep till morning and he found a place inside a gigantic oak tree, and fell fast asleep. In the morning when he woke up he found himself tide up, and found himself being carried by a bunch of ogres.

Johnny demanded to know where he was a telling the ogres I am the prince of Magic land but all the ogres said was that it would be even better. He felt the power again and got really angry and fell loose from the ogres grip. This is where he did something very evil. He decided if the ogres did not make him in to a stew he would help them rule and take over magic land.

The ogres and trolls and giants and prince Johnny made up a force of all the evil creatures in the enchanted forest. The plan was to get out of the force field by making his sister believe him that he needed help and would get him out, and that is exactly what his sisters did.

The next day he gets his clan of ogre’s giants and trolls and goes off to destroy his sister’s land. Since Ash was his favorite sister he wanted to destroy her kingdom last. The first place that he was going to attack was Chesselend because that was the land of the elves but he did not know his sister was away and that all the elves were there. When the attack came the elves protected there rulers land because Dalia was so very nice to all of them. The elves won because they were mastery in weapons, and they went to the next place. However the most trusting elves got together a band and went to every Land Island and town to warn all the rulers that a band of bad creatures from the Enchanted forest was out to attack the city.

When Dalia came back she was worried that the land was ruined and destroyed, so she went to Elli and Nelly’s lands. When she arrived she found Elli and Nelly tied up being carried by giants. Johnny was going to catch all his sisters and lock them in the Enchanted forest so he could take over Magic Land. Dalia did not know what to do so she went back to are land and got a group of elves and she flew over to her parent’s castle.

When she arrived at King Esile and Queen Violet’s castle she found Ash Lilly and Daisy there with a group of elves. Their parents did not know what to do about Johnny and his evil group. So King Esile and Queen Violet got together a band of their fiercest warriors and toughest fairies and went out to get Johnny’s band of evil creatures.

When they went out they found Ash fighting Johnny one on one. While her parents watch they found Lily and a ton of animals fighting she was trying to get Elli and Nelly. Which when Nelly made them fall fast asleep, and Nelly and Elli escaped. Ash the fire fairy was still fighting Johnny, and finally she succeeded since she did not want him to escaped again she took him over to Ice Cream Island and tosses him in an Ice Cream ice burg to make sure he did not get out, Ash had Daisy throw a flower net that covered the entire Ice Cream burg and it did. Johnny was not to get out.

When they were done they got all the ogres’ trolls and giants and put the back in the enchanted forest. As soon as they were done they went back to the castle to talk about what happen. But they did not see Ash anywhere in sight, so they went out to where she was fighting and they found her. But she was hurt very badly she had cuts scraps and broken bone but they did not know what to do. Since Elli was a healing she thought she could help her, but she never had to help a note fairy before and she did her magic and Ash was back to normally in a  couple of days.



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