magic land - chapter 2 wonder world

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2nd part of magic land

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



Chapter 2 Wonder World

BY Lauren Byers


At Magic Land Everything was fine now that Johnny was gone and now he was floating across the Tofu Ocean. Wonder World was the sister city of Magic land. Wonder land was ruled by King William the evil and his wife Rosa the Witch. King William was King Esile Brother but they became rival when King Esile gave all the lands to his entire daughter so they never ever talked to each other. Wonder land was not a nice place like Magic land. Wonder world was a very evil place where all evil things lived like witches, ogres, and an all-in that sort.

While Prince Johnny as floating along the Tofu Ocean when his aunt saw his Aunt Rosa, Rosa had heard that he got kicked out of Magic Land, and Rosa said “What are you doing way out here away from your future kingdom”. But Johnny could not talk because he was locked up so Rosa got him out and brought him to ashore. Johnny told her what happed at Magic Land so Rosa said he could stay there.

Wonder World was starting to loss its popularity because everyone was going to Magic Land because that place was colorful and all happy. But Wonder World was a very gloomy place because all the evil creatures lived there.

But King William had a great plan to get his World active again so when he found out that his nephew was in his land he knew his plan was certainly going to work. King William had a plan now that Johnny was on his side and knew he wanted to take over Magic Land. King William plan was to go to Magic Land and take it over. King William knew it would work because Queen Violet and all her daughters were off taking a month long vacation in Candy Land. A land made of only candy. To get there you had to cross the Gigantic Carmel Ocean.

King William knew that they would not be there because his wife Queen Rosa could see into her magic ball where it showed her everything. Queen Violet had just left. Now that King William Knew it was safe he got a clan of his most horrible witch’s ogres and trolls and prepared to cross the Tofu Ocean.

Queen Rosa did not know that two of the daughters stayed behind to help her father rule the Kingdom. But dad says Elli and Nelly at the same time. King Esile just told them to check everyplace but they did not want to, but finally they did. First they checked all the land then the town and last the islands.

When they were checking the last inland Ice Cream Island they saw Johnny with Aunt Rosa and King William. They were coming quiet quickly with all the hunks of tofu floating in the water. Elli and Nelly ran as fast as they to their father kingdom.

When the two got there they could not find there father? Anywhere they checked every single room and corner. When they check the last bedroom they see their father with Aunt Rosa and King William.

King William says he won’t hurt kingdom or their father if they go to Candy Land and tell their mother everything is finding, and that is exactly what Elli and Nelly did. When they arrived at Candy Land their mother could since that something was wrong so she gets together a group of candy landers, and set off to magic land…..



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Magic Land

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magic land - chapter 2 wonder world

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