Love- a mysterious creature

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This is about love and heartbreak.

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011




Red is the colour of love but also of danger,

White is the colour of purity and hope but also surrender,

My heart saw love, purity and hope with you

If only it anticipated the danger.

If only it didn’t surrender to you.


You brought happiness, laughter and joy to my life,

You were this sole human being who could

Lift me over all the trouble and strife.


One day I hit the ground.

A problem, a flaw in this love and I saw the real you.

You weren’t the man I found.


As I gazed up into the sky it was black.

Disappointment. Hatred. Anger. Sadness.

The love in my body of this now empty shell ran black,

The purity once had was lost in a sea of black.


My heart crumbled and fell into a space unknown

A place of hurt, a place of darkness,

Alone it pondered…


I have to regain my feet,


To find colours red and white once more,

To be lifted to higher measures to start a new sheet,

A now blank canvas to be re-written,

To find a new being with new offering,

To fix the pieces of my broken heart,

To erase the darkness and colour me in,

To stand once more and lift my head high,

Needed is one of caring nature,

An Adam or eve to bring the helping hands,

To give this thing called love- this mysterious creature.

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