Delusions Of A School Girl

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A girl lives at school during a zombie apocalypse but in order to cope with the horror of the situation pretends she is still attending lessons like nothing ever happened.

Submitted: April 22, 2016

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Submitted: April 22, 2016



Delusions Of A School Girl 


Maya Ashlyn is asleep on a sleeping bed in the middle of what used to be a classroom. Distant groans echo outside her window, waking her up. She checks the clock and yells, “Oh no! I’m gonna be super late!” She grabs her school uniform of the shelf above her bed and runs out of the classroom/bedroom. 


The class bell rings and the crowd of lifeless figurines shuffling about the football field turn their heads and begin shuffling toward the sound. Maya runs through the littered hallways, her neck getting a chill from the smashed windows beside her. As she runs past an empty classroom, she waves to the imaginary people inside.


“Finally for my favourite part of the day!” Maya arrives at a door with some paper on it reading ‘The School Life Club’. She opens the door and runs inside. “Good morning, everybody!” 


Charlotte turns around and stops sharpening her knife to say “Oh, hey.” Rena takes a break from cooking and welcomes her too, “Morning, Maya. You slept in a bit today huh?” Maya shrugs it off, feeling a little embarrassed. “Yeah, I almost forgot about the club entirely and went home, heh!” Rena’s eyes widen slightly, a little concerned. “Don’t forget about us, or next time I won’t let you have this spaghetti.” Maya smiles excitedly, “We’re having spaghetti today? Yay!” She jumps down and sits at the table as Rena sets it. 


“Wait! I forgot I’m the class helper today! I NEED TO GO AND HAND OUT THE WORK BOOKS!” Maya goes for the exit.

“Wait, Maya, do you really have to go right now?”, Charlotte asks.

“Yes. Class starts in 3 minutes.” Charlotte sighs. 

“Right.” Maya runs out of the club room. 


She launches herself down the hallway and into an empty classroom. “And… safe!” She sits down at the one and only desk in the middle of the room. She turns to her left. “Yup. Coming in at the last second is like a thrill ride, heh.” She turns to her right. “I know, I know! I’ll try and be earlier next time. Gosh, you’re like a Mom!”  She then turns her attention to the front of the classroom where the zombified body of a woman in her twenties is chained behind the desk. “Sorry, Miss Megan! I’m ready to learn now!” Maya listens intently to the zombie’s groans and moans. 


Charlotte walks past the classroom and sees her there, sitting in the room talking to the Zombie at the front of the classroom and begins to tear up. “Maya…” Maya turns around hurriedly. “Charlotte!? We’re in the middle of class!” 

“Maya, you’ve got to stop this. It’s not healthy…” Maya tilts her head to one side, confused. 

“Stop what? Learning? Just because you’re a slack off doesn’t mean I will be! I wanna have lots of options when we graduate!”

“WE’RE NOT GOING TO GRADUATE!” Charlotte’s face becomes wet with tears and Maya’s eyes begin to water too.

“…Why not?

“Look around Maya. Look who you’re talking to.”


Maya turns around and slowly realises the classroom is not full of students, her desk is not one of several and the teacher she’s learning Literacy from is actually a corpse chained to a table. Her whole body begins to shake as she breaks down.


“I AM GONNA GRADUATE, YOU LIAR!” She runs at Charlotte and stabs her in the neck with the point of her fountain pen. Charlotte falls to the floor and lays in a puddle of blood and ink. Delusions are a dangerous thing. 


© Copyright 2018 CJ Matthews. All rights reserved.

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