The Mazes Legacy

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In the hidden town of terrabithia awaits a mystery

Submitted: May 20, 2011

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Submitted: May 20, 2011



The Mazes Legacy

Lauren Scott & Emmi Wilson

Chapter 1

A few miles south from Burtsevo, Russia, there is an abandoned country side named 'Terrabithia'. No-one lives there. No-one visits. No-one even knows it exists. Apart from me...

100 years ago Russia was the centre of world politics, and Burtsevo was the most popular town there. People came from all over the world to visit, but no-one, Not one person, Drove 3 miles south down the country track, and turned right into Terrabithia. No-one.

Its nothing special, just a series of hills and trees. But there is this one thing, this one place. No-one goes in, and no-one comes out. It's the last part of the previous sentence that creeps me out. 'No-one comes out'...

You might be thinking, how do I manage to keep this place a secret? If no-one believes it exists, then no-one believes your stories. If no-one believes your stories, then no-one asks questions and no-one bothers to travel 3 miles down the country track and turn right. No-one.

Its a creepy place, nobody lives there, but yet you hear piercing, fear-filled screams. Screams that could scare the most threatening, hardened individual that ever lived. They come from that place, the place too scary to look at. The Maze...

Chapter 2

It appears that no-one enters the Terrabithian maze, because frankly no-one leaves. Some young girl could have wondered in, but no-one would know, because she never re-enters normal life.

The hedges gathered around the dirty track, are 10 foot tall, each one in perfect line, hiding what ever lurks inside. I've only ever managed to creep a few feet into the maze, but I know exactly what happens in there, I'll never tell anyone, apart from you...

Its an experimental maze, humans mostly sometimes other things that accidentally wondered in. Others are forced in. I see them from a perch in my tree, I want to shout stop, but then they might get me...

You can never tell anyone this, but the real reason I don't shout stop, is that my afternoons would be empty, I quite enjoy sitting in my tree watching inhumane experiments on innocent people. That sounds horrible, but it's true.

I sometimes dream about this place, I lie in bed sweating, crying almost. Thinking of the things I allow to happen, making plans to stop it. But I can't, there's this one thing, that I cant tell anyone, not even you.

Chapter 3

I sat on my perch, watching a young Chinese women getting wires plugged into her eyes, blood pouring from her beautiful face. I wish I could do something, something to stop all this ordeal. But I cant, I made a promise, a promise I have to keep, without fail.

I know I could stop them if I tried, I'm strong and I used to do judo, I could double flip into there, rescue the women and get out of there without any time to loose. I kick myself inside, stop dreaming about something that you know is never going to happen. Never, unless...

I start walking back down the country track, in the middle of the road, because I know fine fact that no cars will come past, no-one except sick minded people, finding deserted humans, to kill.

As I'm lying in bed that night, I suddenly have a plan, I run to my dresser, and take out 3 pieces of paper, and my pencil. I start sketching the maze, well not exactly. The underground beneath the maze, somewhere I can get in without being hunted out by raging guards.

I finally finish it, and slip it behind my bed the last thing I need is my mum or dad finding it anyway, I don't need the paper, I have it sketched out in my head, memorized.

Chapter 4

I get up at the crack of sunrise, shove a t-shirt and some trackies on, leave a note for my mum saying I will be home soon, and leave.

I cycle down the track, there's no time to walk. No-one will be there yet,it's only 4.30. I run over the hill and round the back of the maze. I listen, nothing. Good.

The underground is easy to enter, I watch them go in and out, its just a door, blended in. I open it, it creaks. I hear a voice, I stop. I realise its just a machine. 'Password please' 'Machinery' I answered. I know the password. You don't hang around a maze for 6 years and not know the password.

I'm in. I turn right then left then right again, and I am in the centre. No-ones there. I took out my camera, and took snapshots of the machinery used to kill. I then dislodge the system, simple. I then run to the prison on the left side. I open every crate and deranged people come crawling round.

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