No better time than Summer time.

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Summer is always fun, and everyone has their favorite memories or past times. This is mine. Names are changed, but event is based on real life.

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012




There’s no better feeling than the summer after my high school graduation. No responsibilities for the next three months, and freedom are at my feet. It’s filled with endless graduation parties, and random day trips to the beach. While all of these things are great, there’s probably one thing I like best.

Pat was picking me and Kevin up for the third day in a row now. It was routine. We woke up, texted each other that we were awake, got dressed and waited for Pat. While we waited, we scarfed down food, and proceeded to wait anxiously by the front door. As soon as we saw his tiny, red box car, we were out the door.

Michael was already in the front seat, a cigarette between his fingers. “Hey Laura.” He’d say as I climbed in behind him. Pat greeted me just the same, as he backed out of the drive way.

“Where are we going today?” I asked, but not really caring. I liked the possibility of going anywhere, a new adventure every day.

“Dunno.” Pat replied as he turned up the music.

Kevin grabbed my hand and smiled sweetly at me. I returned it with a cheesy grin, as the wind ripped through my hair. The windows were down, and the warm summer breeze drifted through. My freshly shaven legs were catching the warmth of the sun, as the rays fought their way into the car. The air smelled fresh, but humid. This was what I loved about summer.

“Hey, what about the beach?” Pat shouted over the music.

We all nodded without hesitation, and he turned onto the highway. These days are what I lived for. Driving without a destination at first, feeling the wind on your skin, and the music filling your ears. The sky was clear and blue, while the sun shone radiantly. It was the perfect beach day.

Kevin planted a kiss on my cheek, and I returned it. Michael made a gagging noise from the front seat and told us to get a room. We shouted at people in passing cars, and laughed as they gave us strange looks. We screamed the lyrics to the songs blasting from the radio and danced like fools.

I took a break from dancing to capture this memory forever. Pat was drumming the steering wheel, singing, concentrating on the road ahead. Michael was thrashing around in his seat, looking like an idiot, and Kevin was staring at me with a goofy grin on his face. I got a whiff of the summer air again, and relished in the heat of the sun.

Nothing was better than summer. 

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