A Peculiar Thought.

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I feel really awkward posting this one. But I have no shame, and if this is innapropriate, then so is cable television.

Submitted: December 29, 2009

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Submitted: December 29, 2009



Deep sighs. Loud moans and fearsome groans. Quick, the sounds of frantic rustling. Steam radiating from sweat coated flesh. Howling. Thrusting. Scratching. Pulling. Biting. Kissing. Corressing. Smoothing. Sighing.

A thick hand, calloused from work, aimlsesly tangled its long fingers in a blond mass, twining strands and tuggingplayfully at a brown-rooted scalp. Its match occupied the damp flesh that clung to wide hips, tracing patterns when the tension clamed and digging its limbs and their dull nails into the fat when action sufficiently increased. Their owner was a thin male, only ripened to the age of nineteen. His ravenous dark hair fell straight, shielding his eyes from their own potential and duty. His body, uncovered at the moment, was slick, his stomach drenched in hot, salty sweat that raced down his flesh when a drop presented itself.

A tensed female structure lain comfortably in his bold arms. Her blond hairs piled over each other, full and rather lengthy. Her thick lips, hung open as though her jaw was loose are the hinges. Her vocal cords allowed sounds of obvious pleasure flow from her mouth and into the ear of her lover, his eyes reflecting the pleasure it brought upon himself.

He arched his neck forward and corressed her nude nipples between his lips, cheeks caving in just barely as he pulled with soft suction. Pleasure creeped up her spine, falling over spaces in the vertabrae and greeting her neckline with a kiss of relief as he parted himself.

Her pupils, dancing in brown irises, wandered his body to meet his own compassionate stare. They both not date pull away until he slipped the tip of his throbbing member into her. With unexpected ecstacy flooding into her veins and dispersing throughout her weak limbs, an obnoxious moan funneled from her mouth, already dry with lack of saliva. He took the gesture as an invitation and thrusted the thick shaft into her, the walls of her pink insides welcoming him with strong pressure.

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