-The Bridge-

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this poem explores the human senses, what we see and feel , the scents , it shows how we overcome the loss of a loved one, and it tells of a soul that reaches the other side

Submitted: March 01, 2012

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Submitted: March 01, 2012




The bridge


“There’s a bridge over troubled waters”, my Dad used to say

As I walked to the bridge, I heard the wind whistle

There was a wide cutting but I took the long way

It was a narrow path with only bush and thistle


As I walked to the bridge, I saw a shimmering shooting star

I took a breath and closed my eyes to make a wish, then let it to the sky

I raised my hand as if to catch it coz it seemed so close yet was so far

The tune of life is sometimes so sad it will make a grown man cry.


As I walked to the bridge, I felt a rapturous shiver

The chilling question is, “Was I really alone?”

But probably was that of the breeze from the mystic river

I wished to gain the help of many, but alas I am on my own


As I walked closer to the bridge, I smelt the abandoned fear

The drift of fallen soldiers even in the aftermath of fighting a war

I looked ahead but with the sound of the water I knew I was near

To the sweet by and by, beyond this bridge, is our beautiful shore


As I then stood at the foot of the bridge, I got the taste of freedom

 I lived to walk this journey, in the face of every sense

We shall find our own crossing from Earth to the kingdom

Each, we have a purpose unique to its reasons

Your journey had its troubles but now take rest in heavenly peace


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