-The Traveller-

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sometimes we feel we are just travellers, wanderers unworthy of somebody.

Submitted: March 01, 2012

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Submitted: March 01, 2012






She was a fair maiden and he was just a music man

She felt ingenuity but she didn’t know he had a plan

She talked of things he liked to hear

But he was one who held no fear


But she was the one that he wouldn’t mess with

For brothers in arms his neck they’d slit

For he loved the braai, they’d turn him like a spit

Still he loved her indefinitely so, rather he dies b4 they split.


He changed their tune, its music to their ears

Harmonious serenadings began in a hopeless place

She holds his heart in check and this knight becomes her pawn

She said she’ll never leave him, yet one day she’ll be gone


We hear them, oh how dogs do bark, out of tune

They creep upon thee and sniff our scent

They smell our fear and feed on our weakness

And its like a beast, but God wont help unless we repent

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