thou' fair maiden

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its about a man who longs after the woman he sees in his dreams. dreams are so real and sometimes we feel as if it was real. find your 'maiden' in your dream, dream , i say dream

Submitted: March 01, 2012

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Submitted: March 01, 2012






Safe in the vault of my mind I have a vision

A vision seen in my dreams and cherished by my being

It is the true portrayal of the one whose name is etched in my heart

Of thou tender maiden fairer than snow

She is humble, yet sophisticated; pedantic yet spontaneous

Her eyes behold a tune for my ears just.

They showcase a dream unlike any other

Such-in I lie beside this ravishing beaut.

She melts me with her smile, gently yet seductively

I wish to be the keeper of her everlasting smile

My soul becomes purified by the touch of her hand


I enquire of her,


“Why can I never be your keep?”

“Why should I wed loneliness, while all else lay claim to the apple of love?”


With her lovely smile she parts her lips, and says,


“because our hearts are not chained to this mortal universe”


“it is without time; unconditional & immeasurable”


Her eyes I feel now finding the realms of my soul


“lest we be worlds apart , I shall be always by your side”


“if you desire me, look within your heart my name I’ve etched”


And at once she makes off to where my eyes can vaguely see


In vain I cry out to her, reaching, pleading for her to stay


Yet as promisingly as the day breaks dawn, she seems an illusion


All I possess now is her memory and her fairy smile


I awake, pining for thee yet with disappointment, and a clouded mind.


Thou fair maiden, why hast thou forsaken me?


I might have lost thee to the hands of time


And all I have for now is this vision, and my aching heart

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