what makes me happy

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where can your happiness be found?

Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012



What makes me happy


i see the light of a single flame

devour every deceit of darkness

unmatched in its power to show you the way

just a sliver of hope to keep us warm


like the hope of a child a faith so strong

believing ,yet thru innocent eyes seeing a hero in you

I cant contain what joy it brings to know

One day a vow we’ll make before God a bond forever


For just is the cause of being together

Bringing two as one and a generation born

You are to me as I am to you, and in this bush this world

You are the rose among the thorns, the lily of the valley


In the tidings of rough patches and condemnation

Stress thee not thy pardoned soul, I’ll comfort thee

I gaze In wonder many thoughts a passing revelation

Of how sweet thou art, to me in full in every part


Let me not ur hart break shatter

The smiles im finding is in making it matter.

Oh words like these I abide by true

Finding happiness is seeing it in you


We shud never let the angels cry, look at love

Now look at us,we create the capacity to make them fly

I love seeing that smile on your face like half a moon

like a monsoon ending a drought


from whence deservest I this satisfaction

to court thee my lady with such supreme attraction

afore not past a good man shall he behold

with tenderness in sight his lady at night.


Much to the ado of real love,

We have the blessings from God above.

For that which makes you happy beyond all odds

Is enough to say my happiness is in you

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