Any given day

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A short story about love loss and life.

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012



Today is but a day like any ordinary day, the wind dances and sways just as any other day. The trees awaken to the tune of a bird, twittering away. And on this day, a day just like the rest, the sun wrapped its warm blanket around my bitter and broken chest. These wounds so deep, mirror a perfect image of how my heart quietly weeps. I try to justify the hurt that's severed me and I just couldn't see, I simply didn't know what would come of me.

Those bricks you lay, you just assume they'll last, 'tis not but the truth for your foundation was made of glass. Oh did they warn me, about throwing those stones. Of course I didn't listen, now I too have turned to dust and bones. On any given day your heart could run away, into the heart of another that's afraid you'll walk away. Mind over heart? Heart over mind? Love confuses me,every time.

Follow your instincts, they're mostly right. Dawn breaks day and dusk turns to night, I soon hope to end this plight. But on this day, on this ordinary day the hours seem to slip slowly away. The second hand melts into the"tic tock, tic tock", a sound so deafening, it's hardly reached two o'clock. Your mind floats into vicious insanity, the numbers begin swirling and turning, you can hardly see. It's unfortunate, time seems to move at this painstaking speed.

The blood pumps rapidly, its coursing through your veins. Sending you into fits of fluttered rage. You just can't seem to ponder, that his heart belongs to another. And It eats you up inside, for no one can hear your muttered cries. I'm sorry that it's too late, my apologies that you had to wait. But my heart strings couldn't sing the songs that you've longed. As heartless as it's seen or seems, I'm not the same girl that once followed her dreams. With no formidable end in sight, I wish, oh do I wish to end this night. Begin with a follow up of another day, just another ordinary day. Leave all those yesterdays buried in the past, move on, 'cause today could go all wrong.

Enjoy all that is and was and will be. Don't wallow in a mess and never ever wish to forget. Don't you fret, on what you could've would've or should've Now wouldn't you bet, that on this day, a day just like the rest, your life could end, end in regret. Enjoy what you will and can, it's all that we have here in the end. The love that we've shared, friend's that became one with your name. And the love you can feel between your toes, hidden in the grains of sand, a love so grand.

Time and time again I will tell you my friend, you are never alone. Regardless of how empty you feel, there's an equal being, feeling exactly the same thing. Look to the sky, all the answers waiting, masked in disguise. The wind's whispering your name, it's calling out for you, telling you to run this way. ===> You've come to a fork in the road, two paths and you haven't a clue which way to roam. Listen here, follow your heart, it always leads you want to go. It gives you a moment of clarity shoved between this obstacle course called life. The path you lead may not be perfect, but in the end it will be worth it.

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