A change in me & the way I be.

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This is a poem which was a reaction I had to my mother after
she text me asking me to go to lunch...I sensed she is feeling I am not okay...Just needed to clarify it's nothing to worry about its just how I have changed. I felt it was a good poem and other's might relate,Tired of your family and being there for them through thick and thin then getting yelled or just a dead end result I experience it too often.
That's where this poem is coming from.

Submitted: December 14, 2009

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Submitted: December 14, 2009



If  your worried about me don't be,

If  your worried about me it could be due to my change for I made a decision to not react or be the same.

If your worried about me you may be feeling the way I am tweaking to alter myself, I decided this about a week or two and actually even long ago but, My

heart gets in the way so no progress shown but, that's where the change is happening it will be felt to those I know.

If your worried about me as I know you are you should know my initiating and being there for people is not as it was that's part of the thing.

If your worried about me don't be  because this is just me.... this is the me being me now and not as before. I have chosen its just better as a protectant

to shield with a wall its already been there just not quite this strong!.Lets just say the doors not wide open and not closed Either way,

If your worried and feel something is off rest your mind cause this is me and it's not a bad thing not for me but, for other's it might feel as though it be.

My mood has been dim and to be pretty frank I'm tired of giving and giving and then results are not in the best! This is my way of putting my mind and heart to


My Boiling point filled up and its a flooding over that's what that feeling is... the one in your gut. its me changing not to be the same as I once had,

If your worried don't be it's just the new change in me this is the way I be,

Might not feel good for other people but, at this point my attitude is a " I don't care" Its all about me now and my family I have here.

My constant struggle I have is going to disappear as time go's on less and less trying to get any points across are going to be gone,

I talk and people act like they have there ear's on but, I see through it, minds are made up on the way they think so any advice I have is for me a waste of breathe,

So my change that's a part of it too.. less of the effort from me and not reacting in the same heart.  If it seems sad and it may be but, this is what's helping me.

Stronger it will make me and healthier for my  family too if I don't react like I usually do.

So if you feel a bit of distance in between it's not anything to be repaired its just me... So there it be as clear as I can say... I am just in transformation in changing my ways.

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