Beautiful Dayz

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is Inspirational and written for everyone's view.
In a way it is a thank you note to who gave us our life.

Submitted: March 20, 2010

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Submitted: March 20, 2010



Beautiful Day of mine for Iam alive and grateful.....each day of life is a day to be thankful.

O' Glorious day you are pretty even in the rain and the cold ; Please keep me fresh and not feeling old.

So precious each breath I take, Each day I wake...I wander to gods sanctuary to praise the one who gave me life.

Thanks to him my almighty savior my king..each and every single breath I breathe is because of you!

I have awoken to you for 37 years and more to come ... I feel your presence through the wind in the tree's branches

thru the sunshine and moon and stars...I know you exist because you have made yourself seen in miracles of life and curiosity of death and putting out fires. 

O' Merciful days remind me of the pain you endured ..,. The things you sacrificed to give the world many gifts of love and life....

Please hear our many prayer's in honor of you and hear the pains we go through we do need you!

Oh Glorious god, Many don't know the wonders you have done because often people joke about your name and us using it in vain.

Your a wonderful one and I know those whom have not opened there mind and soul to you will eventually have a life changing experience and will see and know you soon because thats what you do pulling us in towards you when we have denied even when we have seen all your signs. 

Our wonderful days are because of you and thanks to you I am touched with much love through my friends and family whom you have chosen especially for me,

Thanks be to you lord for me writing this for other's to view even if they do not like it they can make up their mind about you take it or leave it but if you choose Today this Day you have read it Kneel down and speak out. 

And only my God you know what is really going on inside their hearts in their lives and to their core n beliefs or none...let them be impacted by you and mostly those who dont believe in you! I pray to them you do reveal and eye opening only you'd know this give them that kind of signal and watch their thoughts repeat, replay repeat no way!, deny and such but pray and the wait and one day soon watch. there are answers so STOP AND BE STILL PUT DOWN THE VICES WHAT EVER YOU WILL>

Show them the reality of you! And I know you will.


always thinking of you everyday Ilive.

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