Good bye my feline friend

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About my feral cat who has been missing for 1 month now !
Mawmaws in the beginning was skittish and naturally would hiss but never angrily, It took sometime for her to warm up to me but once she did she was beyond amazing and stayed near by 90% of the time either in front of our home or on our deck.

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



She was beautiful soft and loving

she became my closest friend

she was feline at first not so friendly but very in the end.

She wanted me and I wanted her, Feral as she maybe I was hers and she was mine

she disapeared and now I ly here wondering is she dead or is she alive?.

She was feline siamese my gorgeous Mawmaws is what she became without out her I am restless and my heart is a gasp! 

what could have happened ? what did I miss? could I have done 1 thing differently or was this just an angel cat delivered to give 

me a gift of love and baby feline too? was her son pandi meant for me and my family and then she was to leave? Here day after day 

love after love and one day poof just like that GONE! 


She was Beautiful inside and out I miss her head nudging me as I pet her that purr that only she has but I am blessed with her little one 

Pandi a spitting image of her so I should be happy but  

"oh thee unknown is killing me internally "

She is Siamese a rare breed for feral could someone have her inside their home and she cannot get to me is there a blip of hope that she 

may one day come back to me? I've had two dreams that she came back one was Mawmaws was on our back porch the next was she was

back but was injured badly with blood soaked in her beautiful white coat is there anything to these dreams I don't know, Should I just dismiss if 

as silly or can this be her only way to get to me in and through my dreams? 


She is beautiful soft and loving , My closest friend, feline and friendly I guess this is the end good by I love you my gorgeous kindred friend.

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