Imagine to sleep on a cloud

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Imagination and letting it run wild....And magnificant things
that we can find if we just stop to not think.

Submitted: May 02, 2010

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Submitted: May 02, 2010



I wish I could Sleep on a cloud that big whiteness in the sky,

Perhaps though it's not soft and fluffy but, Is heavy in weight

Might the cloud I wish to lay on be not as it seems?

I wish I could sit on a cloud and read a book or two ,

or may it be the one doing all the reading?

Clouds seem magical and wonderous things made of matter and particals too.

Maybe wishing to sleep on a cloud is not a wise thing to do Ijust might possibly fall right through!

So I suppose Iought to take a parachute too just in case a moment on a cloud be a way to erase my mind,

could just may be Ileave all the past behind for the cloud to hold? For that would be awesome and then a suddenly Loud Lightening Thunder Bolt!!!

I wish I could take a cup and fill it up with a very tranquil cloud and I just possibly could !

If a wood could chuck wood then could I do more than just .... Sit or Sleep or grab and Go a Cup of Cloud?

Are we meant to do more than work and dollars we make cause we have to live ?...Is living not wishing on a cloud or a star? should it be impossible and not allowed?

We all look and strive for that logical route and somethings we ought to just leave it alone!

Do not crush a dream or stray away from the unseen world , I wish I could see the clouds perspective of this world today since they have been around for ages they are more intellectual!

How is that food for thoughts, we all are guilty of telling people their wrong for this or for that but, Just let your mind roam away from your logical side and maybe freedom you will discover!

So today Iwill dream about that fluffy pure white cloud in the sky or that dark gloomy one thats over our heads listening to our thoughts as we lay down in our man built beds.

Dream today and hush up those brainy answers and let the gracefullness of this earth's voice come to you sooner than tomorrow!

There is a place and plan made just for you, So open up and let it come in! Don't let the logical ruin or run in.

thee end. & now let the fun begin...............Let it happen now and again and then once more...this world is a gift so let us listen.

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