Paved Journey with Saint Expeditus

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A seven year sentence reduced to two and a half years. A story of how Sant Expeditus aided a suffering family though hardships while stuggling to win a biase court case.

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



Paved journey with Saint Expeditus


A special note for those who seek

Emergency solutions from Saint Expeditus


This is the petition hoped to clarified my needs

The day he shared his rapid unselfish speed


He travels with a faithful friend

Saint Jude by his side spirits armored to win


Lead by good fortune and prosperity

Healer for the sick comfort for the dead


Two powerful Saints we invoke your names

Reverse sin unwavering to all men


We are the witness of his loyalty

Scared fact about how he once freed me


My husband left earth to make his plead

Straighten out our case Spread his wings


He surrenders his life as a sacrifice

Unconditional love for his daughter and his wife


He arranged a meeting with Saint Expeditus

The first appeal stamped with his sacred seal


Their intentions were to toy with our lives

Separate children destroy husbands and wives


I faced long halls Man made laws Courtroom walls


They swore us in and promised justice would prevail

The only decision was send that family though agony and hell


We were surrounded by adherent evil delegates

Faces with hard stares shifty hands hold video tapes


We had great hopes to be heading home

My husband and I made that trip back along


My acquitted daughter they had not released

Instead she was hand cuffed shackled and policed


Convicted for seven years courtroom shattered flowing tears

We refused the deal decision

Injustice and by all mean unreal


Even then I knew we are not along

Thank you for aiding us safely home

Now to tell nine children nothing went wrong


Saint Expeditus you opened the road paved a way

Gave me the strengths to battle though these painful days


Two and a half years has passed

Our daughter has won this biased war at last

Once revealed by a unfair system in the political class


We knew help was necessary to break this curse

From a spiritual source much higher than us


I was instructed by faithful devotees

Secrecy is the way to plead


You must cleanse consecrate and meditate

Be clear know your needs before you state your plead


Clandestine worshipers with you I whisper

Saint Expeditus we have preserve this day to give worship and pray


Yes a righteous spirit that do not stop or deviate

Until he was complete and your part without delay


You have been authentic  yes so truthful in your words

And all you ask of me was this note and a few words


4 O’clock in the morning attentively rise

The spirit awaken before you open up your eyes


Cleanse with sage pray over your tools

Light your path with a fragranced candle or two

Have confidence Saint Expediitus is on the move


Remember to hold on to the righteous source

Chant your payer and visualize your dream

Give thanks to the two spiritual beings


For all that hold the knowledge of Saint Expeditus

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Paved Journey with Saint Expeditus

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