Trapped in a Lie

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All Noelle ever wanted was to be loved by someone who would never hurt her and would always be there for her. All Bradley ever wanted was to keep the truth from coming out while holding on to the only thing he cared and loved .

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



Tears poured down her face as she ran toward the door with her hair flying behind her. She pushed past the people that stared at her while she sobbed.

Her mascara was running down her tear soaked face as she opened the door ready to run out. Bradley grabbed her arm trying to prevent her from leaving and yelled " I never wanted to hurt you I just -" "Don't touch me" she screamed as she pulled her arm away.

Everyone turned to look at the door and everyone got silent and the loud music continued to blast as they watched the scene unfold before them. The tension in the room was uncomfortable and no one dared utter a word. Everyone looked at them with pity, it was probably just a normal boyfriend and girlfriendargumentor perhaps he had cheated on her.

Bradley quickly ran after her calling out her name "Noelle! Noelle! " he shouted following her out the door.

"Noelle please let me explain , it's not what it looked like" he continued to run after her in the cold night.

Noelle stopped for a second before turned back and walked right up to him.

Her eyes were red from crying and her make-up was ruined but Bradley couldn't help but notice how beautiful her brown eyes looked and how her cheeks were red from the cold.

Noelle looked Bradley straight in the eyes " I thought you loved me and that you would never hurt me. I trusted you even though everyone else told me you were lying. Well thanks for proving me wrong."

Noelle turned on her heels and left as she walked in to the freezing cold night . Bradley debated whether he should follow he or not but decided not , he walked back to into the house where he found several eyes following him. He tried to ignore them to no avail, slowly the crowd lost intrest in him and the conversations started again .

Just as he was about to leave the source of his problem walked up to him , "what is up with Noelle she's always so dramatic" laughed Riva, Bradley's eyes flashed in fury "This is all your fault you told me Noelle wasn't coming Nicole's party because they weren't friends and that she would never know!" he snapped.

" You promised me you would go to Nicole's party as my date I told you that Noelle wasn't coming I never made any promises". Riva replied triumphantly .

"I never promised you anything I was blackmailed into being your date, the person who I broke a promise to just walked out that door in tears." Bradley answered angrily his fist shaking with rage.

Riva was supposed to be Noelle's best friend but after the events of tonight was highly unlikley. Riva apparently had no trouble stabbing her friend if it meant she got what she wanted.It was no secret that Riva was after Bradley and now that she learned about Bradley's secret she blackmailed him every chance she could.

" You're my date you better start acting like it." she glared as she flipped her hair.

"Or what?" Bradley challenged, " what could possibly be worse than this."

Riva sighed and shook her head , " You don't get it do you, if Noelle finds out that you're the reason Jacob left her she'll be crushed and she will never forgive you."

Riva's eyes narrowed as she continued she "You tore them apart and it's all your fault and you know it and here's a thing you might have not realized by now , Noelle will never love anyone like the way she loved Jacob. I should know I'm her best friend."

Bradley stood there unable to say anything , he knew he was cornered and there was nothing he could do about it.

The events of tonight were forgivable but if Noelle found out the truth his chances with her would be destroyed. He'd go back and change things if he could and erase all the lies, he had torn Noelle and Jacob apart and ruined their happiness.

Now he was hurting Noelle even more by lying to her not only about his part in the breakup of her relationship but with his business with her supposed best friend. Riva had him on her leash and she had no trouble telling Noelle the truth she had nothing to lose.

"Oh Bradley " called out Riva in a sing song voice " Get me a glass of punch now." Riva looked smug as she watched Bradley do her bidding for her.

Bradley sighed and shook his head as he walked over to the punch bowl to get Riva her drink.

At the punch bowl he found his best friend Mason pouring himself a cup of punch, "Hey Bradley, that was some scene with your girl man." Mason yelledl over the music.

"Yeah , there was some drama lets leave it at that." Bradley shouted back , " Don't tell me it has to with that Riva chic from what I've heard from Olivia she's trouble and if she's after something she'll get what she wants." Mason replied back.

"Yeah I noticed, she's..." but Bradley didn't finish as he saw an impatient Riva angrily walk over to the punch bowl with a scowl on her face.

"What's taking so damn long? I'm dying on thirst and in case you didn't notice Bradley I'm your date and it's not nice to ditch your date ." Riva smiled as she watched Mason's face change to a look of disbelief.

"Bradley ?" Mason turned to look at him but Bradley avoided his eyes.

"No wonder poor Noelle was crying when she ran out of here , I can't believe you'd cheat on her like that and you -" he said turning to Riva " you're her best friend !"

" Why don't you just mind your own busniess and get back to Olivia she might think you're ditching her like her other dates." Riva snapped.

"You know what Riva atleast Olivia doesn't throw herself on every guy she sees" Mason turned to Bradley " Good luck that's the best advice I can give you." Mason shock his head as he walked back to Olivia who had an anxious expression on her face.

"You didn't even defend me " snarled Riva " You let him practically call me a slut and you did nothing about it."

"Well excuse me Riva , I'm not exacltly you're boyfriend, I'm not here because I want to be here and come to think of it I don't even know why I'm even here." Bradley put put the cups of punch down on the table put on his jacket and headed to the door and as Riva yelled after him.

"What do you think you're doing ! If you think I won't tell Noelle trust me I will." Riva yelled following him to the door. Bradley ignored her as he reached for the door handle ready to open the door.Riva stood in front of the door and said in a whisper " If you walk out that door then I'll personally make sure you're life is hell mark my words."

Bradley stopped looked at her and replied " You've already made sure that my life's hell."

Riva moved aside " Go on walk out that door, I can't wait to tell Noelle exactly what you've been up to."

Bradley opened the door and walked out heading towards his car, he needed to get to Noelle before Riva had a chance to tell her the truth. If Noelle was going to learn the truth then she would learn it from him . He drove to her house and parked right outside her driveway.

The light to Noelle's window was off, but he doubted Noelle was asleep he remembered she told him that she'd never been to bed before midnight unless she was sick or something. According to his watch it was 10:04 and highly unlikely that Noelle was asleep.

Bradley scanned her house that all but Noelle's room were well lite. He scratched his head as he tried to find a way to get Noelle's attention. He ruled out throwing a rock because that would alert her entire family. He could ring the door bell and ask one of her family members to send up a note to her but her family were probably angry at him for making her cry so he ruled that out. Bradley continued to pace back and fourth as he tried to come up with a fool proof plan. Bradley finally decided that he would have to just take the long and complicated route and climb to her window and knock.

Bradley tried to climb to her window before realizing that it wasn't going to happen. He would just have to try another way, frustrated Bradley decided to call Noelle's sister Claire and try to have her come down and get a note to give to Noelle. As he dialed Claire's number he hoped that she would answer, Bradley called Claire only to curse when he realized that Claire's was on the phone with someone. He waited a minute before trying to call her number again only to find that the line was still busy. Bradley decided to try one last time , much to his luck Claire answered.

"Hello?"she answered uncertain.

"Claire listen I'm outside you're house and I need you to come out and get me a pen and a piece of a paper because I need you to give Noelle a note." Bradley replied out of breath speaking as fast as he could.

" Why don't you just call her why did you call me?" Claire asked confused.

"Claire please this isn't the time please hurry!"

" Fine I'll be right out." Claire mumbled.

Bradley waited as he tapped his foor impatiently until he heard the front door open and he watched Claire walk to him holding a bag of trash .

"I told my mom I was taking the trash out , hold on let me put it in the garbage can."

"Did you get the pen and paper?"

"Yeah I got it but my hands are sort of gross you can just reach in my front pocket of my jacket and get it, sorry if the paper is a little crumbled."

" Thanks Claire you're a real life saver" he mumbled as he quickly wrote Noelle more of a letter than a simple note. The note read:


I need you to understand something. I never meant to hurt you and the reason you saw me with Riva was because she blackmailed me into going to the party with her. I'm not going to write why or what she was blackmailing me and I'll tell you face to face. I want to be the one to tell you. Please forgive me for tonight, I felt like I had no choice. Riva promised to be quiet as long as I went to the party as her date and I had hoped that you wouldn't know. The reason I'm telling you all of this is because I just can't go on living like this . Noelle, I've been lying to you. I can't lie to you anymore because I can see how it's hurting you. I hope that by telling you everything the truth will set me free. Please contact me soon.


Bradley reread the note before folding it and writing on the top Noelle's name before he gave it to Claire.

" Please make sure she gets it Claire and that she reads it." Bradley pleaded .

Claire nodded " Goodnight Bradley." she went back inside and closed the front door.

Bradley went into his car and sat there for a minute thinking over what he was about to do. He realized that when he told Noelle the truth she would probably never want to see or speak to him again, but most of all she would never forgive him for what he had done . He knew that he had no choice but to loose the love of his life he had hurt and lied to.

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