Born Again Christian

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this was in a contest and my actual feelings in this poem.

Submitted: November 20, 2007

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Submitted: November 20, 2007



I remember the days i was robbed of my trust
from people i really trusted with my heart
and that crushed my being

I remember it all so clear and i ask you
why did you let that happen?
am i ever going to figure that out

I cry and cry trying to forget the bad memories of it
and then a black mist covers me up
and think of bad thoughts of cutting myself and even killing myself

Everytime i prayed to you
i never hear your voice
telling me your there
and that just made things worse

Till the day i went to church and felt your presence again
and i cried right there.. on my knees saying im sorry for ever doubting you
and You swept over me and lift my spirit back up
and gave me my strength back and my being a new life

I can feel the change inside of me
knowing that you are there once again by my side
and protect me through all my darken days.

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