Darker side of My Dreams

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Ive been seeing this image and more im my mind lately and wanted to write it down just to get it out of my mind.

Submitted: November 12, 2007

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Submitted: November 12, 2007



There are days I lay on my bed at night
feeling sleepy at times
want to close my wiery eyes
and feel myself drifting away from reality and enter my dream world.

I see myself walking through this huge black tunnel in my mind
not knowing where I'm at
I keep walking till I see this small light
at the end of this tunnel

I enter the light place
and see this girl sitting in a corner
trying to hide in the darkness...
thinking she can conceal her identity like that

I walk up to her and gently turn her around
and i scream and back up a little at what i saw
she was no girl at all... some creature thats pretending to be human

I see that this thing has black venomous blood dripping down upon her
like its seeping into her
giving her some kind of powers

She starts crawling towards me with her hand reached out
wanting me to come into her fantasy world
and play with her...

At first I take  acouple steps back
but her eyes glare into mine
pulling me  into her trance
to obey her demands

I take her hand and we go to this underworld
that is nothing i have ever seen before in my dreams
and we start walking on this beaten path

Trailing behind her I look on both sides of me
I see this glass looking cage
with a little girl standing in there

I see that this girls old scars are being ripped open over and over
seeing crimson blood spilling from these wounds of hers
I can feel the emotions racing through her mind
as they are being ripped open with blood squirting out of them
Its a cry for help and
She stares at me with her sadden blank glazed eyes

Asking me to help ease the pain
but I stand there in disgusting awe
cant move to help this poor girl at all

From there I snap back to reality and see the creature left me there
and start walking trying to figure what path the creature took
somehow i took a wrong turn somewhere and im off the beaten path

I wander around a rut for hours on end
trying to find the right path to take
but every turn is wrong and darker than the one before

Feeling each minute passing by my soul is slipping from my body
as my blood drips out of my wrist
leaving a trail on the snow
so i know where im at... and to feel alive for the first time in my life

The voices in my head dont want me to find the light
instead want me to live in a world of darkness
to hurt myself forever and ever like the
little girl trapped in the glass cage.

But at my breaking point
I fall down on the barren land
feeling the coldness on my dirty knees

I start crying wanting to kill myself to escape this dream world
but i cry and cry
asking God give me the inner strength
to get out of this horrible nightmare
To wake up and that it was all a dream
and none of these feelings are mine

I open my eyes
and I see this is my real world
broken and barren like in my dream
and makes me wonder if this is the real me
or if there is another person in my mind playing tricks with me.
Who will ever know me??

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